When a baby appears in the family, life, of course, becomes more interesting and richer! There are more reasons for smiles, laughter, and all the usual things are multiplied by two. She dressed herself — dressed the baby, ate herself — fed the baby, brushed her teeth herself — brushed the baby’s teeth.

Stop! And after all the first time no teeth something and there is no! So you can skip this point? Of course not! During the period when the teeth are just beginning to appear, it is very important to start properly caring for the baby’s oral cavity. If you successfully choose the first brush, then you will say to yourself “Thank you!” for the fact that the kid loves to brush his teeth and does it right. And you will only have to kiss him on the cheeks for diligence.

So what should be the first toothbrush? First of all, safe. The gums and mucous membranes of the child are very delicate, so the brush should gently clean, not injure them and not cause discomfort.

During teething, the gums become especially sensitive. Therefore, it is good if there are embossed massage points on the brush. They will help reduce the discomfort of the baby.

Once brushing your teeth, you will feel how the brush touches something … It will be such an exciting and joyful moment! Hello first tooth! The kid will look even funnier and at the same time seem like an adult. And for the brush, a new test will come — brush your teeth so as not to damage the delicate enamel.

So many requirements for such a small brush?! Otherwise, it is impossible, because it concerns your child and his health! Luckily, there is a toothbrush that fits all of these important requirements.

Ultra soft toothbrush-teether On white:
Suitable for use from 0 months, made of safe, hypoallergenic materials.
The brush contains 10,000 ultra-soft nylon bristles that adhere tightly to each other, thereby forming a dense and movable block. This helps to clean the teeth from all sides, while gently polishing them.

The role of the first toothbrush cannot be exaggerated. This is the key to healthy teeth and healthy habits! Start shaping them with the right On white brush!

May your children and their teeth be healthy!

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