Walking outside is useful even in cold weather! It strengthens the immune system and gives you the opportunity to relax from school and gadgets. If the frost is severe, you can reduce the walking time. And of course it is important to dress/shoe according to the weather! How to choose the right shoes for frosty weather, we tell below.

Choose shoes made of genuine leather with natural fur or wool. Nothing warms better than time-tested materials.

Buy winter shoes with a little extra for warm socks so that you can put them on if necessary.

In addition, the feet will freeze faster in shoes that are too tight. Therefore, choose options in which the foot is free and comfortable.

Pay attention to the sole: it should be high enough with an anti-slip pattern.

For a water-repellent effect and additional protection against moisture, it is necessary to use special products.

While walking, it is better to be in motion, this will definitely help to warm up!

At particularly low temperatures, we do not recommend wearing patent leather shoes, as frost cracks may appear on them.

The IRIDIS brand has a large selection of boots and boots made of natural fur or natural wool. There are options for both boys and girls. Size range from 31 to 40! Fashionable models will definitely appeal to teenagers.

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