How to choose school shoes?


The school year will begin very soon, in the last weeks of summer, parents will have to make a large number of purchases in order to prepare the student for September 1, one of the main and important ones is school shoes.

The photo shows a SHOESLEL shoe model, art. 7759321

  • Young students spend a lot of time within the walls of the educational institution. Therefore, special attention should be paid to school shoes — the child’s foot should be comfortable, warm, it should not sweat, school shoes should be stable and comfortable.
  • School shoes should fit exactly the size of the child’s feet, not squeeze or dangle on the leg. You should not buy such shoes for growth, by doing so you increase the risk of injury. Properly selected school shoes are when one finger is placed between the heel of the child and the back of the product.
  • The toe in school shoes should be wide so as not to squeeze the child’s toes and prevent improper foot formation. First graders and younger students should not buy shoes with an open toe — there is a risk of injuring their fingers during active school breaks.

The photo shows a SHOESLEL shoe model, art. 32773096

The sole should be light, relatively stiff, and non-slip to avoid sprains. The sole of school shoes should be flexible — during movements, it should bend at the point where the big toe passes into the foot.

Shoes for school should have a small heel in order to correctly correct the child’s posture and train the muscles of the legs.

The photo shows a SHOESLEL shoe model, art. 7759322

  • When buying school shoes, preference should be given to natural materials that can quickly take the shape of the foot and allow air to pass through.
  • Buy shoes made of genuine leather or suede in discreet colors. If you have chosen leather shoes for your child, remember that over time they will stretch a little and become softer. If, during the fitting, it turns out that the child’s foot feels too loose in shoes, then this is not an option for you.
  • The top of school shoes should be porous and soft, the leg should «breathe», this will prevent the risk of developing fungal diseases. The insoles should absorb moisture well.

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