A woman in a luxurious dress has always been considered a real symbol of femininity.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the situation took a turn. Along with the acquisition of independent status, women became more active — playing sports, driving a car and working — all this led to the fact that the style of women’s clothing began to change. In the wardrobe began to appear things from the men’s wardrobe.

Coco Chanel made a significant contribution to the simplification and practicality of women’s wardrobe.

Since the 20th century, women’s trousers have become an integral part of the women’s wardrobe.

Today we will tell you how to choose the right classic women’s trousers to always look advantageous.

There are 5 types of female figures.

pear woman

For Russian women, perhaps the most common type of female figure, when the lower body is more voluminous than the upper.

What kind pants suit you

The silhouette is straight, there is a need to create a balance between the upper and lower torso. It is worth paying attention to models with arrows and a wide belt or high waist.

If you are tall enough, pay attention to models wide from the hip

apple woman

A rather unusual type of figure — small hips and small shoulders, small breasts, and a voluminous tummy. Such a figure most often has an undeniable advantage — slender legs.

What silhouette

For such a figure, any silhouette is suitable, even skinny, but always without a low waist. Only a high, wide belt and such a volume that it will not squeeze your stomach and sides. You can also hide the top with a jacket, sweater, men’s oversize shirt (which has not lost its relevance for many years and seasons).

What won’t fit

Low waist, embellishments at waist and waist. It is not worth focusing on the shortcomings at all, we focus only on the merits.

hourglass woman

Owners of an ideal figure — 90 * 60 * 90, when the upper and lower parts of the body complement each other.

What silhouette

Straight trousers, trousers with arrows, wide from the hip, a slight flare is possible, but with a high waist, it is important to emphasize the femininity of your silhouette.

What won’t fit

You can complement the image with jewelry in the hips, for example: patch pockets, 3D prints, belts with large buckles, be careful with skinny, as they can emphasize your hips.

Triangle Woman

Has a medium or lush chest and not pronounced waist, as well as fairly narrow hips.

Which model is suitable

Almost any model of trousers is suitable, including low-waisted ones, it will help to create a feeling of roundness of the buttocks.

If you have sides and a tummy, you should focus on high-waisted trousers, they will help create the feeling of a corset, and “collect” all your flaws. A light flare is also suitable for you, it will balance both parts of the body in itself.

What to Avoid

Emphasis on the waist, for example, trousers with the maximum waist under the bust.

Woman is a rectangle

Such a figure differs from an apple woman in the absence of a small and prominent tummy. As a rule, this type of figure has long, slender legs. We focus on the legs

Which model to choose

Skinny is perfect for you, you can consider straight models or narrowed to the bottom, as well as flared from the hip. Trousers with arrows in order to perfectly emphasize the harmony of your figure, you can also complement the image with trousers with patch pockets or designer inserts at the back, and with a low waist — all these models will also add volume to your buttocks.

Yulia Wave
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