How to choose aqua shoes (coral slippers)

I remember my childhood, when the whole family went together to the Crimea. And there, jumping from one huge boulder to another, doused with salt spray, I thought of only one thing — how not to fall on a slippery stone into a seething abyss. Then in my life there were the pebbles of the Mediterranean Sea, the razor-sharp corals of the Red, the protruding volcanic rocks in Bali. Yes, sea urchins, how could it be without them. This is an unforgettable feeling when dozens of needles dig into the foot, and you limp from the bar to the pool for several days, waiting for the wounds to heal.

Unfortunately, wisdom comes with age.

Today we cannot imagine a single trip without coral slippers or aquashoes. Lightweight, durable, practical. They dry quickly and sit comfortably on the water. You come out of the sea and you go to a restaurant in them. And most importantly — protection from hot sand, stones, glass and everything that can cut your legs and the legs of your children.

There are several types of aquashoes. The simplest — rag with thin soles. For sand and small stones and sea urchins, more is not required. They benefit from their ultra-light weight and softness. Children do not even notice them and get used to them instantly.

Unfortunately, this type of aquashoes is not very fond of asphalt and rocky beach. It is understandable, here the emphasis is on lightness and protection from hot sand and small sharp objects.

For lovers of pebbles and stones, something more impressive is needed. Aquashoes with thick soles and a slightly upturned cape. Pebbles quickly kill thin aquashoes. And the ones in the picture will last a very long time. Yes, and corals for them do not pose any threat.

Yes, the weight is already more, but the protection is many times higher. And the price difference is not so much. It is better to take such coral slippers for stones, they will definitely last a long time.

There are also aquashoes that look like sneakers. Of course, you can walk or run in them all the time, but they are still intended for walking on water and climbing stones. Asphalt will quickly wear out soft soles and you will be left without shoes. These coral slippers are more expensive, but they also look much more interesting.

As we can see, there are a lot of coral slippers. Each species is suitable for a specific purpose, whether it’s walking on fine sand or swimming among corals. But you can be sure of one thing — your feet are definitely protected.

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