Autumn is the time for fun walks in the rain with the baby. However, in order to be comfortable outside during bad weather, it is important to choose a good umbrella for the crumbs. What to look for and how not to miscalculate with the chosen option? We have some rules!

Choose a simple model

To make it convenient for the baby to fold and open the umbrella, buy a regular cane. In order for the child to learn how to handle an umbrella, it will be enough for you to demonstrate to him several times how to close and open this accessory.

Pay attention to the design

Before choosing an umbrella, be sure to study its design — check the spokes, the opening button, feel the material from which the umbrella is made. It is important that the spokes are made of steel and bend a little. So you will reduce to zero the likelihood of the umbrella breaking in strong winds.

Choose an umbrella according to your age

Your child is constantly growing, but buying an umbrella for growth is not worth it. Too big umbrella-cane will be uncomfortable when unfolding, and the baby simply will not be able to handle it. To determine if the selected umbrella is suitable for the baby, place it next to it. If the umbrella handle is about 5 cm below the waist, then this option is yours. Feel free to purchase it!

And, of course, the appearance of the umbrella

The design is perhaps the most important thing that the baby will pay attention to. After all, it is so important for him that the appearance of the umbrella matches his interests — cartoon characters, cars for boys and princesses for girls. Therefore, when choosing an umbrella, be sure to show the different options to the child so that he chooses the one that he likes. Then walking in the rain will be more fun with such a friend!

Choose an umbrella for every taste in our selections!

Cartoon characters will save you from the rain

Offer your child an umbrella with a character from their favorite cartoon. With them, the baby will be happy to be in the rain, because such a fashionable accessory will protect him from bad weather.

For Unicorn Fans

For those who love everything to do with unicorns, the umbrellas from the selection are just a great option. Bright, with the image of fairy-tale heroes — these accessories will become a true friend for your baby in bad weather. Brighten up a rainy day with this umbrella!

Umbrella reversed

Outwardly ordinary, but inside real magic. A bright pattern will color rainy weather, and the surprised looks of passers-by will add a good mood.

personal rainbow

On a rainy day, bright colors are so lacking. A wonderful rainbow-colored umbrella will correct the situation and help cheer you up.

Choose the right umbrella and go for a walk with your baby as soon as possible!

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