“Pocket” antibacterial and antiseptic agents have shown their effectiveness before, and now, during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, they have become indispensable. At home, on the road, at work… Sanitizers are everywhere now. So how do you make the right choice?

Let’s start with the simplest: the alcohol content. According to the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, it should be at least 60%. Alcohol can be either isopropyl or ethyl — both types of alcohol are equally effective.

Proper hand handling is very important. After reading the instructions for use, you need to apply a sufficient amount of the product to thoroughly treat not only the palms, but also the fingers from their base to the tips, as well as the areas between the fingers.

For home or office, the use of bottles with an increased (larger) volume and more favorable price is optimal. For example, «Antibacterial hand gel» Brocard150 ml., in an elegant black and gold case that turns the disinfectant into a stylish interior accessory.

The gel packaging has a dispenser with a pump. This detail allows you to immediately dispense the required amount of antiseptic, which significantly saves its consumption. In addition, the pump is convenient in that you can press it with the edge or the back of your hand.

On the road, for family use, the antibacterial hand gel sanitizer bottle will be convenient Brocard, 150 ml, in a minimalistic design with a flip cap that prevents accidental leakage of the bottle in a bag or backpack. At the same time, the bottle can be opened literally «on the go», with one hand!

The product is intended for those who prefer the use of bottles without a pump. This type of packaging of the sanitizer is convenient in any situation: for personal use and for hand disinfection at home or in the office.

For antibacterial treatment of various objects: telephones, keyboards, door handles, sports equipment in the fitness club and all other surfaces, Antibacterial Spray, 150 ml, is suitable. Economic consumption is ensured by a convenient spray dispenser, and a tight-fitting cap will prevent accidental pressing of the actuator (top of the pump).

All antiseptics Brocard have a fresh, natural fragrance, are easy to spread, do not leave a feeling of dryness, tightness or stickiness. The formulas of these products are enriched with Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E, which soften and moisturize the skin while maintaining a feeling of comfort.

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