How to choose a stone sink for the kitchen?


Today, stone sinks for the kitchen are one of the most popular and sought-after solutions. After all, these sinks have excellent performance, decorate the interior, are not afraid of various contaminants and detergents. Before going shopping or looking at online catalogs, it is necessary to study at least in general terms the main characteristics of kitchen sinks and the requirements that they must meet.

Kitchen sink Otgon s-13 black

To understand how to choose the perfect kitchen sink option, you need to make a clear list of requirements:

capacity — the kitchen sink should be as spacious and deep as possible, so that you can not only rinse plates and mugs there, but also wash a large frying pan. However, you should not choose too deep a sink, otherwise you will have to constantly bend over and strain your back, arms, shoulders. The optimal depth, according to experts, is 180-220 mm.
The size is determined not only by personal desires, but also by the size of the kitchen itself. So, for a small room, a small sink for 1 bowl is suitable, and for a spacious kitchen, you can choose the appropriate model for 2-3 bowls. They can be arranged along one line or at an angle. Corner granite sink will allow you to use more usable area and save space.

impact resistance — various minor troubles often happen in the kitchen: cutlery falls, dishes break, pans slip out of wet hands, etc. That is why special attention should be paid to the ability of the sink to withstand mechanical stress.

Chemical resistance — the sink should always be clean, and household chemicals help maintain cleanliness. With regular treatment, the surface should retain its structure and original appearance.

This leads to the following requirement: easy care. Since the sink is recommended to be cleaned after each use, it should not get dirty quickly so that you only need a couple of strokes with a cloth.

Design sinks determine the interior of the kitchen, so you should choose plumbing after you have completed the repair. In this case, one should take into account not only the color characteristics, but also the geometry of the product and its material. Fortunately, stone sinks are suitable for almost any style and are presented in the widest range.


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