How to choose a set of tools for home or garden?

It is difficult to imagine life in a house where nothing breaks. Very often, some kind of force majeure necessarily occurs and you have to respond to them. In order to make repairs, often only skills alone are not enough, it is necessary to have devices that will help. What can home renovation be like if all you have is a kitchen knife? Agree, this will be one more quest! To prevent this from happening, it is enough to purchase a universal set of tools that will always be at hand.

To date, the choice is simply huge! Let’s look at the most important criteria when buying a tool.

Where to begin?

First, you need to decide what you plan to use the tool for. There are many combinations suitable for different types of repairs. Tools are divided into several groups: universal, electrical, automotive, plumbing and others.

Universal kits find their application at home or in the country, they can be used to repair furniture and appliances, for example.

The simplest set will consist of a small number of items. For example, pliers, pliers, tape measure, hammer, bits and screwdrivers. A good option for such a set would be a universal set of pliers ISMA 51011. The set includes:

— Combination pliers
— Adjustable pliers
-Roulette, 3m
-A hammer
— Bits, 42pcs.
-Handle with magnetic bit holder
— indicator screwdriver
-Knife universal
-Knife blades 9mm
-Connection terminals
-Storage bag

If you are interested in an option for all occasions, then you should pay attention to sets with a richer bundle. With their help, you can easily cope with any task in everyday life.

A good all-round toolbox should include:

— shift key
— screwdriver
— socket heads and an adapter for a handle-bit holder
— a hammer
— adjustable and combined pliers
— indicator screwdriver

A good addition to your home would be:

— spring clamps
— universal scissors
— electrical tape
— hacksaw
— set of bits
— set of fasteners

All of the above is included in the ISMA 515002 tool kit. One of the features of this kit is its case, which fits seamlessly into the space of a house or cottage. The case is a chair-stand that can withstand loads up to 150 kg. In addition, a nice addition to the set are: a spatula, a brush, a level, a utility knife, a caliper, a metal brush, a glue gun with rods, a set of heat shrink tubing, plastic clamps, goggles and a pair of work gloves.

Thus, the ISMA 515002 tool kit will find its application not only in the repair and assembly of objects, but will also become an excellent assistant in the implementation of the most daring creative ideas. And a set in a case-chair can be a very original gift. Leaves no one indifferent!

Which choice to make depends on you and your goals. ISMA tool kits will serve you for many years and will help you out more than once in non-standard situations.

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