How to choose a school apron and dress for the Last Bell and other graduation celebrations? The choice is complex and ambiguous: someone chooses an outfit exclusively for the holiday, while someone looks at the issue more broadly and prefers more practical “reusable” models. Those that can be worn in grades 10-11 or passed on to younger sisters. First of all, these are school dresses with a high content of natural fibers in the fabric of the product.

Hundreds of our customers are in love with this dress.

In the catalog of the PKF «Success» the most popular article for graduates is the fitted dress «Polinka». Our technologists have chosen for him a fabric with the most optimal mix composition for everyday wear: elastane 3%, viscose 32%, polyester 65%.

  • Elastane provides a good fit.
  • The viscose ensures that the dress will be comfortable throughout the day thanks to its breathable properties.
  • Polyester is necessary so that the product retains its beautiful appearance for as long as possible and is easy to care for.

In addition to excellent consumer properties, «Polinka» is charming in its style. It has a fitted bodice and a rather fluffy skirt. Thanks to the sewn-in half-belts, you can focus on a thin waist. And the unusually beautiful collar and cuffs further emphasize the solemnity of the Last Bell.

Dress Companion Aprons

one. Boiled white gabardine apron.

There are fabrics that seem to have absorbed all the whiteness of the world — this can be said about the apron with article number 37244934. Due to the dense weaving, gabardine seems to shine from the inside. In addition, the fabric repels dirt well and almost does not wrinkle, which is important if a graduate goes up to the stage to get her certificate. Please note that this model is available up to size 56!

2. Openwork tenderness.

In Soviet times, openwork aprons were in great short supply. But now a schoolgirl may well buy such a model. In pair with «Polinka» we offer article 5375850 — a beautiful apron made of delicate guipure with a floral pattern. It has been bought 1600 times!

We hope that this article will help you with the answer to the question of how to choose a school dress and apron for the last call! And let’s add: it is important not to delay the purchase so that it has time to arrive to you on time.

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