Hello! My name is Anya, I am the creator of the La Sensation soy candle brand.

For me, candles are primarily about comfort. But also a candle is suitable as a gift to a loved one. Or for example for meditation and reboot. And of course, candles will help create a romantic atmosphere!

3 rules that I rely on when choosing:

  1. Safety. Unfortunately, often behind the low price in the store is not the safest composition: paraffin, harmful aromatic oils and a constantly smoking wick. For example, I add only safe materials to my candles: 100% soy wax, certified French aroma oils specifically for candles. Safety is the most important thing for me.
  2. Environmental friendliness. It is also important for me that production does not harm the environment. I use 100% recyclable materials in my candles: natural wax, glass jar, cardboard box. The only thing that hasn’t been replaced yet is the label… But I’m constantly looking for an eco-friendly replacement!
  3. Where will the candle be placed? Workplace, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen… For the bedroom, I would choose something soothing, and for the workplace, on the contrary, something more refreshing, such as floral scents.

How to choose a fragrance if you buy online?

I understand that it is very difficult to choose a candle online… To facilitate this task, we came up with a pyramid of aromas. Now I will teach you how to navigate it using the example of my SPRING candle:

SPRING is a rich and at the same time delicate fragrance of peony at the peak of flowering, with a light fading spicy note.

  1. Top: rosebud, dew. You will feel them first.
  2. Heart: peony, lily of the valley. It is a balance between top and base notes. When burning, they will be felt most strongly.
  3. Base: vanilla, white cedar. They remain in the room after the candle has gone out.

Thank you for reading this article to the end! If you want to learn more about my candles, then click on the picture below:

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