Choosing a high-quality and reliable umbrella is a difficult task, the accessory must be universal and last for a year. An important role is played by materials, the type of construction and the ability of the object to withstand different weather conditions. Wet snow, wind, rain — serious tests are ahead. But in addition to functionality, the accessory should be stylish, beautiful, easy to combine with fashionable images.

Which umbrella to choose

Before buying, you need to analyze product type:

Folding — the most popular, are male, female, serve for a long time. The small size allows you to put the design in a small bag.

Canes are strong and durable. A monolithic structure is difficult to break, the mechanism rarely fails. They are bulky, heavy, inconvenient to carry.

What are umbrella folding mechanisms:

• Mechanical — opens and closes completely manually, simple design.

• Automatic umbrella — opens and closes by pressing one button. Reliable, practical model, compact size.

• Semi-automatic — a complex mechanism of mixed type. The button is responsible for opening, and the manual mode is responsible for folding.

What are the best umbrella materials

The fabric of the dome is an indicator of strength, protection from precipitation. If the material is too thin, it will quickly tear, deform.

What to choose:

• Polyester — perfectly copes with moisture, does not let it through. Looks good, doesn’t shed. Models with Teflon impregnation repel water well.

• Nylon — quickly fades, becomes thinner, sheds, after drying it can significantly decrease in size. The material does not repel moisture, it absorbs it, becomes heavy.

• Sateen — imitates expensive silk. Advantages — heavy-duty, hard to tear, dries instantly.

• Pongee — a beautiful look, the texture resembles cotton, which does not wrinkle, dries quickly.

Which umbrella manufacturers are better — you decide by analyzing the type, fabric, design.

Design features

The frame of the umbrella is the rod and spokes that hold the dome, preventing it from bending. The more reliable the design, the better the protection, the accessory will last longer:

• Aluminum is fragile, lightweight, breaks, deforms, cannot be repaired.

• Fiberglass — difficult to break, but there is a risk that the frame will deform in a strong gust of wind, the dome will turn out.

• Steel — will cope even with a hurricane.

• Carbon — the design is afraid of impacts, the spokes can bend, but quickly return to their original position.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Umbrella

• The number of spokes is at least 8 pieces, otherwise the dome will begin to sag over time, there will be no good tension.

• Information on the label — a conscientious manufacturer always indicates the type of material.

• Length and method of fastening of the spokes — before buying, study how the knitting needles are fixed. The correct option is that the convex side is adjacent to the dome, and the gutters are directed downwards. If the technique is another fabric will quickly tear. The length of all elements must match.

• Checking the mechanism — open and fold the structure several times. Make sure that the umbrella is in working condition, nothing clings, does not stick.

• Fixing spokes to the dome — the more attachment points, the better, there should be at least 2.

• Attaching the handle and cap — make sure that it is reliable, durable, otherwise the umbrella will not last long.

• The end of the spokes — must be protected by caps, otherwise the sharp edges will tear the dome.

A beautiful and reliable accessory is protection from the sun, wind, rain, so you should choose it more carefully.

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