The knife was invented in ancient times. It is used daily in the kitchen and for household needs. It seems that since then people have studied all the features and benefits of this product inside and out, and choosing the right copy is not difficult. After all, every housewife or restaurant chef knows perfectly well what characteristics these irreplaceable helpers should have.

Perhaps, in a restaurant or cafe, the problem of choice has long been resolved. But buying a kitchen knife for home use is difficult. People make the same buying mistakes all the time. Therefore, the knives do not please them, do not perform their functions properly, quickly become dull and do not facilitate the task of cooking.

Top most common MISTAKE when choosing kitchen knives.

1. Pay attention to the price of the product. Thrifty people buy the cheapest knives, believing that it makes no sense to overpay. And then it turns out that the knife quickly fell into disrepair. The other extreme is to choose exclusively expensive items. In such cases, the advice is simple. Knives are selected based on their characteristics. For example, universal kitchen knife TOJIRO F-313 — a quality product at a reasonable price.

2. One knife is enough for the kitchen. People buy the most expensive and high-quality knife, and then use it for any purpose. The knife cuts fish, meat, bread, cheese, chop vegetables and fruits, shreds cabbage and quickly fails. Some are surprised, because they bought a really high-quality blade. But miracles don’t happen. It is difficult to cut a frozen carcass of meat with a paring knife. Each knife has its own function. For example, Kitchen knife Nakiri TOJIRO F-300, despite its impressive appearance, is ideal for cutting any root crops. It fully justifies its name. After all, a nakiri is a vegetable knife. The main advantages of this model: ergonomic handle, balanced weight and size, fast shredding and cutting into thin even pieces of vegetables and fruits of any size.

3. Damascus steel knives are a myth. Those rare specimens that have survived to this day are worth a lot of money. Therefore, manufacturers offer a crude fake instead of Damascus knives. Modern steel alloy technologies make it possible to produce products identical to the famous Damascus knives. Model Kitchen Chef Knife TOJIRO F-332 made of steel VG-10. Damascus metal plates protect the product from corrosion. The result is a durable product. 3 layers of metal give extra strength, high razor sharpness and ease of use.

4. A set of kitchen knives is expensive, inconvenient and unnecessary. Let’s dispel another myth of people who are far from cooking. Knives purchased individually are much more expensive. And one knife is usually not enough in the kitchen. Typically, manufacturers complete sets with the so-called chef’s troika. These three knives can work wonders in the home as well as in the professional kitchen of a restaurant chef. Often a knife holder is included in the kit. This invention saves space, preserves the sharpness of the knife and fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. A set of knives can be a great gift that will always be in place. Let’s take as an example the beautiful chef’s three from the brand TOJIRO FG-8300. This set of knives includes Santoku knife, blade length 170mm, Nakiri knife, blade length 165mm and Utility Knife, blade length 140mm.

5. The appearance of the knife. A beautiful knife can be an expensive trinket. And the buyer will regret the wasted money. Of course. the appearance of the product is of great importance. But much more important than the characteristics of the knife, ease of use. balanced weight and size, high-quality performance of functions. TOJIRO knives combine both the beauty of the product and the quality of the product.

6. Spontaneous purchase or sudden idea. The choice of a quality knife must be approached thoroughly. After all, a well-chosen blade can make work in the kitchen easier. The gender of the chef matters a lot. A male chef will be happy with a knife with a blade length of 25 cm. A knife with a blade length of 15-16 cm is suitable for a woman. Video reviews and reviews will help you make your choice. A spontaneous decision is a big mistake.

7. The best stainless steel knife. Steel blades with a high carbon content are difficult to care for and rust quickly. Yes, a carbon steel knife needs to be looked after, washed after use, and dried. But, if you do not take care of a stainless steel knife, it will also rust. Products last a long time if they are taken care of. At the same time, carbon knives are sharp, do not need sharpening for a long time and are very durable. Let’s take as an example Knife Set TOJIRO FG-7700. Japanese kitchen knife set includes: Santoku chef’s knife, blade length 16.5 cm, Nakiri vegetable knife, blade length 16.5 cm.

Choose knives wisely, follow the advice, and TOJIRO products will help you with this.

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