How to choose a dumbbell for home workouts?


Home workouts are an option for those who don’t have the time or money to go to the gym.
To start classes, you need to pick up equipment for the house.
In the article we will tell you which dumbbells you should pay attention to and how to choose them correctly in order to get the expected effect from training.

Type of
Initially, when choosing any equipment, you should proceed from your goals and requirements.
If your goal is to keep fit, then cast dumbbells with a static weight will become a true friend for you.
If the goal is to lose weight or build muscle mass, then collapsible dumbbells are just right. They can be dismantled and put extra weight on them with the help of discs.

The weight
Choose the weight of the dumbbell based on your personal strength indicators.
If you are a beginner, then 4 kg per hand is just right.
4 kg is the same weight that is suitable not only for beginners, but also for women and the elderly.

Dumbbells are made of plastic, cast iron or steel.
Plastic and cast iron can be damaged or severely deformed when dropped. Training with such dumbbells will be inefficient and dangerous.
Steel will be stronger even if deliberately thrown on the floor

Molded dumbbells are covered with neoprene or vinyl, this coating absorbs sweat from the hands and is pleasant to the touch.
As for collapsible models, rubber-coated discs and a handle can be considered a success. Classes will be silent, the floor will not get scratched and the dumbbell will not slip out of your hands.
Coated dumbbells increase the quality of your workouts by eliminating the need to wipe sweat from your palms.
If you take bare dumbbells, then buy a rubber mat for it.

Dimensions and diameters
As for collapsible dumbbells, the handle should be comfortable to grip. 12 cm is enough for a hand.
The length of the entire neck is 41 cm, you can hang as many disks as you need on it.
The diameter of the neck and discs is 26 mm.

You can’t do without fastening — pancakes will not hold.
A classic and reliable option is the screw type of fastening: the screws are tightly adjacent to the disks, from which backlash is not excluded.
In addition to the classic nuts, locks and clamps are used for fastening. You don’t see them often.

The best dumbbell for home workouts:

— A collapsible dumbbell will help you achieve quick results: you can hang discs from 1.25 kg to 5 kg on the bar.
In total, a dumbbell weighing from 4kg to 39kg is obtained;

— When choosing, rely on comfort and safety: a rubberized handle and reliable screw fastening are the key to successful training;
— The rubberized covering of disks excludes scratches on a floor and excessive noise during trainings;
— Coated handle does not leave blisters and does not slip;
— The metal dumbbell will last for many years, and is covered with an anti-corrosion coating;
— Guarantee when buying a dumbbell — 2 years;


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