I live in a small studio apartment of 25 sq.m. I still have a cat with me. There is no balcony. You understand, it is not easy to turn around in such an apartment, here every free meter counts. Therefore, for such cases, they come up with things, such as a dryer for a battery, which cover the necessary need for comfort.

Now every house has a dryer: hanging, floor, table, telescopic, folding. Each has its pros and cons.

Why is this dryer so good?

I singled out 5 advantages over other dryers:

1. Compactness. This is her great advantage. The dimensions of the dryer are 65 * 23.5 cm, which means that more things fit on it than on a dryer 45 cm long of other brands. In addition, the dryer can be safely transported with you, taken on a business trip, to the country.

2. Easy to operate. Cope even a child. The steel structure with anti-corrosion coating has plastic hinged fasteners. The hooks are rubberized, the seams of the steel knitting needles are firmly fixed.

3. Versatility. The hinged type of installation allows you to place the dryer on any battery for quick drying of clothes. Sheets can be dried by hanging the dryer on the door. It can also be hung on the shower door or on a heated towel rail, if the dimensions of the bathroom allow.

4. Profitability. Using heat from batteries during the heating season, you can dry shoes, thus avoiding additional costs, as would be the case with electric dryers. The dryer also saves space in the house along with other bulky floor dryers.

5. Low price relative to floor dryers.

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