How to choose a chair? Overview of new products from the furniture factory «Collection»


Hello! My name is Elena!

To date, the choice of the buyer presented a huge number of different models of chairs.

Today I want to present you new models of chairs from our production — MF «Collection», Tver.

A chair is not the main, but a very important element of the interior.

How do we start choosing a chair? Of course, with the choice of the purpose of the chair.

We use different chairs in different areas.

With the help of chairs, you can create a cozy dining area, a business corner in the bedroom or living room.

In different areas of the apartment

Therefore, it is important that the chair performs its main function qualitatively.

Our company has released a new line of chairs

Chair Bremen, Tuscany, Vienna, Cologne.

There are many different parameters in the comfort of the chair, which at first glance do not seem significant to the layman. But with a careful choice of model, you will see the parameters that are important for a particular function.

What options does the chair have?

1 seat width

2. Seat depth

3. Seat height

These parameters are very important for choosing a model, since we are all different.

Someone is more slender, someone is larger, which is why it is important to take these parameters into account.

Models of chairs Vienna and Bremen have a wide seat and a deep seat.

And the Tuscany and Cologne models have a smaller seating depth, so people with a small stature are more comfortable sitting on models with a less deep seating.

The Bremen and Cologne chairs have armrests, the armrests help us feel more at ease.

Sitting on a chair with an armrest, we have the opportunity to lean on the right or left side of the chair, lean forward or back to lean on the back.

We can use these chairs both in the dining area and in the office.

The height of the seat is another parameter of the chair. This is the height relative to the floor.

Our company uses standard sizes for chair heights.

In Russia, the seat height standard is 47 cm. This is a long-established standard, time-tested.

When choosing a chair, you need to know that when seated, the angle of inclination for the wives should be comfortable, AND the feet should be on the floor.

Choice of fabric.

Today there is a huge number of fabrics for upholstered furniture.

Today we will not delve into this section. In short, the fabric for the dining area should be water-repellent.

The furniture factory Collection uses microvelours. It is elastic, fashionable and wear-resistant material.

Microvelour has a very pleasant surface that our customers like. Microvelour also makes it possible to easily clean chairs that can accidentally get dirty at lunch or dinner.

At the same time, micro velor has anti-vandal properties. This means you can not worry that your pet will ruin the material with its claws.

Chair quality.

Let’s look at the quality of the chair. On what parameters does the quality of the product depend?

  1. Chair frame quality
  2. Quality of components
  3. Upholstery quality.

In the modern world, there is a very rich selection of chairs. Of course, it is difficult for the buyer to navigate the choice.

Determining the quality of a chair by its appearance is quite difficult. Of course, already now in the modern world, we can focus on customer reviews in the social. networks or other sources.

Our company has been operating for over 20 years. And has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer. You can verify this by yourself by studying the reviews on the Internet.

Our chairs consist of 2 parts. This is a frame — a metal base and a soft part.

The metal frame, we have a single design, which is made in our production from domestic raw materials.

First, we make the frame according to the model, and then the frame is powder coated. We have different colors.. show

The upper part of the chair is a plywood frame pasted over with medium hard polyurethane foam covered with a cover.

Next Accessories.

What are accessories.

It :

  1. This is a piping that is sewn into the chair cover to create the shape of the cover.
  2. Fastening for a framework to a soft part.
  3. Metal paints.
  4. Caps for the frame

If you buy a chair and you know that you have to move or buy a chair online with delivery. Of course, you want to understand how to assemble a chair.

All new models are made with a metal welded frame,

Of course, you ask how. The frame is attached to the soft part. To do this, self-tapping screws and bolts are included in the kit.

Plugs are an element of the chair that makes it possible not to scratch your floor; plugs are also put on some models for the correct back tilt. And the markings on the back.

Upholstery quality.

We pay attention to the molding of foam rubber.

We use different foam rubber for different models.

It is also important to look at the quality of the seams and the delay on the chair. The symmetry of the joining of the material. For the presence of protruding threads, glue, etc. …

Let’s take a closer look at our newcomers.


We replenish the soft line and present the new chair TUSCANY. Ideal for long home feasts or for meeting visitors to a cafe / bar. Tuscany has a twist — a hole in the back. Its main plus is that if crumbs get on the chair, they will not get stuck between the back and the seat. The chairs have an interesting shape, it looks fresh and unbanal. When ordering, it is possible to order companion material for the back of the backrest and the lower part of the seat. Our experts know the best combinations of fabrics and will help with the choice. You can see for yourself

The chair is suitable for small spaces. Convenient for small tables.

Dimensions: Chair height 82 cm

Back height 37 cm

seat width 47 cm,

Seat depth 45 cm

Seat height 49 cm

Meet Bremen


Stylish armchair with a wide seat with comfortable armrests in a pleasant microvelour upholstery.

Bremen will be a great addition to a modern kitchen or living room, and can also be used as an independent piece of furniture.

Bremen has a lot of advantages:

— the base of the chair is a plywood base, the lower part is made on a metal frame, Russian production;

— made in microvelour, Kengu and Alpha fabrics, the fabrics have an anti-vandal property “anti-claw”.

The material is pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant and durable.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the fillers of the Bremen chair.

The filler is polyurethane foam, a flexible elastic material that retains its shape well.

Dimensions: Chair height 87 cm

Back height 38 cm

seat width 50 cm,

Seat depth 52 cm

Seat height 48 cm


First of all, when choosing dining chairs, we consider issues related to aesthetics and style.

However, in addition to beauty, one must also take into account the high-quality execution of furniture!

VENA chairs are made in an original concept, taking into account the requirements of functionality, ergonomics, comfort and quality.

A convenient universal model that fits perfectly into the classic and modern interior of the house. The sturdy frame of the chair is made of metal, so it will serve you for many years. Vienna is an excellent solution for cafes and restaurants, as well as a living room and dining room.

Dimensions: Chair height 92 cm

Back height 45 cm

seat width 50 cm,

Seat depth 49 cm

Seat height 45 cm


In the modern world with its worries and bustle, it is the dining area that is the heart of the house!

Here the family meets, relatives share the events of the past day, holidays are celebrated.

Not only the atmosphere that will prevail in this area depends on the choice of chairs, but also the degree of comfort for you and your loved ones.

We present to your attention, the COLOGNE armchair.

The model combines: — Quality materials.

The upholstery of the chair is made of elastic microvelor fabrics with an anti-vandal coating. There is a decorative stitching on the back of the chair, the model can also be made in two different colors. -Comfort. Thoughtfully shaped seat and back. Cologne has a plywood seat base. The plywood itself is 10 mm thick and will withstand a load of more than 100 kg. In the manufacture of chairs, we use polyurethane foam of medium hardness, high strength.

— Convenient model, combines advantages of a chair with small dimensions of a chair.

— The lower part, that is, the frame of the chair, is made of a Russian-made metal pipe.

Our factory is engaged in the coloring of metal legs of chairs, in this regard, we can offer our customers a wide range of colors for coloring the legs of chairs.

Dimensions: Chair height 85 cm

Back height 37 cm

seat width 48 cm,

Seat depth 47 cm

Seat height 50 cm

Stay up to date with all the news! With you was, Elena! We are waiting for you at MF Sobra


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