How to choose a bed? Life hacks for cat and dog owners


Did you know that cats sleep 15-17 hours a day, and dogs 12-14 hours?

Each pet is pleased to have a secluded corner, their own personal space for rest, sleep or relaxation. Here are some helpful tips on choosing a pet bed.

1. Choose a new bed, focusing on your needs, the nature of the pet and, of course, your financial capabilities.

2. There are a lot of companies on the market that produce all kinds of sleeping places. Our recommendation is to choose brands that have been selling thousands of products every day for many years and know all the nuances of production and the needs of ponytails.

3. How to choose the size of the bed? Measure your pet during sleep: how much space does it take up, prefers to stretch out or sleeps in a ball. Depending on this, choose the shape and size: round, oval, rectangular …

4. For a warm climate, choose products from thinner breathable materials, with not very thick sides. For a cold climate, beds made of dense fabrics with faux fur are suitable, which will retain heat.

5. The best option is a sunbed, in which the pillow turns over and has two different sides: winter and summer. Let your pet choose his favorite side.

6. When choosing the type of pet bed, focus on the preferences and character of the pet.

• During sleep or relaxation, he prefers to stretch out to his full size — a bed-mattress

• Likes to put his head on the side — a couch with thick plump sides

• The pet likes to sit higher — a couch-pouffe with a high base

• Likes to «burrow» and hide — a couch-pouffe with a cape

• Prefers to change positions during sleep — soft bed-cloud

• Wants to observe what is happening from above: a scratching post with a bed

7. Pet stores, Internet sites provide a huge selection of beds. From classic models to ultra-creative solutions. For example, PerseiLine has beds that glow in the dark.

8. Materials that are most often used in «furniture» for pets:

• Smooth nylon, oxford — minimizes the appearance of dirt. But if not sewn properly, nylon can cause a «crunching» sound when the animal uses the product.

• Poplin or coarse calico — the most «popular» material. Sleeping sets for people are also produced from it. Usually the most inexpensive beds are sewn from poplin. The material «breathes» well, so the pet is comfortable both in winter and in summer.

• Upholstery fabrics, matting — most often these are durable beautiful fabrics with a high content of cotton thread. Among other things, such material is well resistant to animal claws. • Wooden materials are durable beautiful designs that do not require washing, but they need to be looked after just like regular furniture.

• Cardboard — most often this is a combination of a bed and a scratching post, choose if the pet likes to sleep and sharpen its claws in one place.

• Plastic — in addition to the plastic case, there must be a soft pillow so that the pet does not feel like lying on the floor.

• Artificial fur. It can be completely different: hard, soft, long, short.

9. PerseiLine found it important to use a fur that is very easy to remove. And on such fur you can “make inscriptions” with your finger, for example, write the name of a pet.

10. Two main rules for choosing a filler in a couch: It must be hypoallergenic, breathable and prevent the possibility of bacterial growth. And the second thing is to keep your shape well, not straying into lumps over time or after several washes.

11. When moving, transporting, in order to reduce stress in pets, veterinarians recommend taking their sleeping place with you on a trip.

12. Be sure to take care of the beds: periodically wash, ventilate, vacuum. This will not only reduce the amount of hair and dust in the apartment, but also minimize the spread of various bacteria and microorganisms.

13. With the purchase of a PerseiLine/Burov couch, you get not only a pet bed and an interior element of the room, but also the first and only label in the world (in the field of pet products) with augmented reality. Download the app, point your camera and the label will show funny pets that you can play and interact with. A gift for a child without increasing the cost of the bed.


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