Summer is coming. I want to update my beach wardrobe. What to wear over a swimsuit on the beach to be comfortable, practical and beautiful?

Shorts? But if the swimsuit is not dry, then wet marks will remain on the shorts!

Light dress or sundress? They will get wet from a bathing suit in the same way. And they still wobble.

We suggest wearing a mesh dress over the swimsuit!

The advantages of the grid are obvious:

1) Does not wrinkle

2) Dries quickly

3) Takes up little space in a suitcase

4) Does not constrain movements, elastic

5) Fashionable, stylish

6) Budget

But when choosing, you need to give preference to a model that is perfectly sewn and made of high-quality fabric.

We chose Italian soft silky mesh; we sew everything in Moscow.

Our craftsmen are first-class, they have extensive experience in practically jewelery tailoring of ballroom costumes and leotards for figure skating.

We decided to paint this summer with bright fashionable colors: light green, fuchsia, turquoise, orange. And also there are dresses in stylish chocolate shades.

You can complement the dress with a stylish cap in a bright color.

The many colors of our collection let your imagination run wild when composing a beach set. For example:

— light green dress + green cap + orange bikini;

— fuchsia dress + yellow cap + green bikini;

— orange dress + coral cap + pink bikini.

Our priorities are quality, comfort, budget, style and beauty!

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