How to care for nail scissors?


In order for nail scissors to serve for a long time, you should carefully monitor them:

1. Store scissors only in a special case;
2. After each use, the tip of the cuticle scissors must be treated with a disinfectant;
3. Dropping the accessory is not recommended. A fall can compromise the integrity of the structure;
4. Washing scissors is also not recommended, as rust may form;
5. To make it easy to work with cuticle scissors, you can periodically lubricate the screw with oil;
6. The tool must only be used for its intended purpose.
Over time, nail scissors can become dull. In order to return the scissors to their previous performance, you should contact the master, who will offer the following sharpening options:

Manual sharpening using a diamond wheel. This option is most optimal for long-term work with the tool.


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