How to bring up good taste in a girl using favorite cartoons as an example?


Modern cartoons are not just a way to entertain children. If you approach it wisely, you can develop very important skills for a child! The main thing is to know how to look and consolidate the knowledge gained. Let’s analyze this moment using the example of the favorite cartoons of all girls «My Little Pony» and «Fantasy Patrol».

1. Color combinations. Both cartoons are very beautiful in terms of color scheme. Magic ponies are characterized by a delicate, pastel palette, while Russian sorceresses from the city of Myshkin have a bright, dynamic palette. Ask your little princess to show you which colors she likes best. What about color combinations? Let the baby draw her favorite heroines with paints, pencils or felt-tip pens. Choose beautiful combinations, think up outfits for the heroines in their style. Such exercises will help develop imagination and imaginative thinking.

2. Stylistics and drawing. «My Little Pony» and «Fantasy Patrol» have very different styles, but both cartoons perfectly reflect all modern animation trends. These trends are not only good for TV screens! For example, look how great pictures from your favorite cartoons look on puzzles from our kits! In them we have included puzzles of 104 and 160 elements, as well as diptych and polyptych puzzles, which can not only be assembled, but also decorated with multi-colored mosaics and rhinestones. Such simple and exciting creativity will help develop fine motor skills, creativity and spatial thinking.

3. Individuality. The creators of the cartoons emphasize that each of their heroines is unique! This is demonstrated through clothing, colors, and the overall style of the images. You will not find two identical Pinkie Pie or Alenka. Each cartoon character is individual and complete. Why not be inspired by this approach and create her unique image together with her daughter? Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment! Self-expression helps children understand themselves faster and answer the most important questions “who do I want to be”, “what do I want to be”. Help them do it!


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