If you are thinking about purchasing a children’s play mat for your baby, you are probably wondering: which mat is better to choose?

The problem is that there is a huge selection of models and manufacturers on the market, which is difficult for mom to figure out on her own.

There are many stores that sell low quality goods at a high price. And you risk wasting your time and money. But the main reason to pay attention to the choice of a children’s play mat is the safety and comfort of the baby.

In this article, you will learn what types of children’s play mats contribute to the development of the baby, what are their features and operating conditions.

What is a children’s play mat for?

The kid grows quickly and is interested in what is happening around. From about 2 months, the child masters the world around him, begins to roll over and lying on his back is already boring. Just during this period, the task of parents is to provide the baby with opportunities for games and development. A useful acquisition for expanding the horizons and forming the color perception of the baby are special children’s rugs.

Pediatricians advise putting the baby on the tummy at least 5 times a day from 2-3 months. While lying on the tummy, the muscles of the neck and back are strengthened, correct posture is formed, the foundation is laid for a healthy back, and mindfulness is trained. The child actively explores new objects, the eyes gradually get used to new colors and shapes.

For the correct formation of the muscular corset, the children are laid out on a hard surface — the floor. The outdoor children’s play mat is made of food-grade polyethylene foam — a hypoallergenic material that does not emit harmful substances and does not allow moisture to pass through.

Benefits of baby folding mat:

— has soundproofing properties, the sound of falling toys will not disturb you or your neighbors;

— anti-slip coating, which allows the child to crawl and actively move around the entire rug;

— double-sided coating — the rug can be easily turned over, different patterns are depicted on both sides, the baby will like the effect of novelty;

— the image of labyrinths, animals, the alphabet and numbers trains the attention and ingenuity of the baby;

— the convex covering of a rug develops small motility;

— ease of care, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth and there will be no traces of dust and dirt;

— universal size 150*200 cm or 180*200 cm — suitable for kids of any age;

— the mat is durable and thermally insulating, protects the baby from cold and falls.

What to look for when choosing a rug?

When choosing a children’s play mat, pediatricians recommend paying attention to the quality certificate and the material from which it is made. Stonehenge Kids baby rug has been laboratory tested and has a quality certificate of the Russian Federation.

The safety mat is odorless, easy to wash and fold for storage or transport.

Pay attention to the practicality in the operation of the developing children’s rug: the folding rug will last for more than one year, and when the baby grows up, it can be used as a rug for the children’s room.

What kind of children’s play mat to choose?

If you care about the safety of your baby and value quality, choose the reversible Stonehenge Kids folding development mat, which meets modern environmental standards, is made of food-grade polyethylene foam and has passed mandatory certification.

If you often travel or visit with a baby, a folding floor mat will easily fit in the trunk of a car and will not take up much space. The weight of the mat is 1.2 kg. It folds along the bends into a bag-case with handles, thanks to which the mat is economically transported on an airplane or train.

The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to hide the kids play mat in a closet, under the bed or anywhere convenient, while the floor mat comes in a variety of colors to suit both boys and girls.

The child will not freeze on the Stonehenge Kids development mat, the material retains heat and does not let the cold through.

It is interesting for kids to be on the rug due to bright patterns on one side and calmer ones on the other, turn the rug over to the mood of the crumbs.

Armed with the advice of pediatricians and experienced mothers, feel free to purchase the Stonehenge Kids folding double-sided play mat and you will receive a reliable assistant in the development and education of your baby!

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