Home vacuum massage as an alternative to salon

Massage has been known since ancient times for its positive effect on the body. With the help of massage, they get rid of cosmetic skin defects, treat colds, relax muscles, relieve pain from the joints and spine, get rid of edema, and much, much more. Talented massage therapists are passed from hand to hand as the best healers of the body and soul. Finding such a specialist is a great success, but our rhythm of life does not always allow us to allocate time for a professional massage in the salon. This is where home remedies come in handy. One of these assistants was a vacuum massage jar.

Cupping massage is based on the method of irritation of skin receptors. Under the influence of vacuum, blood flow increases, peripheral circulation improves, tissues and cells are better saturated with oxygen, congestion disappears. The therapeutic effect is created by increasing the circulation of lymph and blood in the skin, muscles and subcutaneous fatty tissue, which causes a positive reflex effect on the vessels of the internal organs, improving trophism, removing toxins and removing toxins. During the procedure, biologically active substances are produced in the tissues, which help to accelerate tissue regeneration, enhance metabolic processes and metabolism and, as a result, increase immunity.

Cupping massage is very simple. It does not require special training, it just takes a little skill. Preparing for a massage takes one minute — heat the jar in hot water to make it softer. And you can start. For maximum effect and less discomfort from the vacuum, use a massage cream, warm vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. Squeeze the jar with your hand and place on the skin. That’s all — the massage has already begun. Using the tips from the instructions, move the jar over the body in the appropriate directions and the result will not be long in coming — cellulite and stretch marks become less noticeable, the skin is rejuvenated, weight is reduced in problem areas. With osteochondrosis, pain decreases, and the symptoms of a cold disappear.

In conclusion, I want to say that vacuum cupping massage is a good helper for keeping your body in good shape at any time. Ease of use and a wide range of applications make vacuum jars indispensable for themselves and a very good gift for a loved one.

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