Home fragrances with sticks: how to choose a fragrance and how to use a diffuser.


Every housewife dreams of clean and fresh air in the house. With the help of fresheners, you can fill the house with pleasant aromas. Recently, home fragrances with chopsticks are becoming more and more popular. We will talk about how to choose the right fragrance and how to use a home diffuser with chopsticks in our article.

When choosing an aromatic diffuser, you should first of all focus on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room where it will be used. In rooms where the air humidity is high, it will erode faster, and the consumption will also increase in rooms where the air conditioner is constantly on.

The aroma must be selected depending on the purpose for which you buy a diffuser.

Essential oils of lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus will help in the prevention of colds.

Citrus aromas uplift and relieve anxiety.

Aromas of rosemary and orange are suitable for concentration of attention.

Mandarin and sandalwood help with depression.

For the freshness of the air in the room, coniferous aromas, mint, ginger are suitable.

To relax and cope with insomnia, you should purchase a fragrance with the smell of lavender.

Cinnamon, vanilla and berries will give a feeling of comfort and warmth.

The main rule when choosing a fragrance: it should not be intrusive and cloying. Also, keep in mind that natural essential oils can cause allergic reactions. To make sure you like the aroma, you can first buy candles with this smell, and then a diffuser.

LZ Candles is a Russian brand of handmade scented candles, car fragrances and aroma diffusers for the home. The range includes flavors for every taste: lime basil, freshly cut grass, tomato leaf, mango tangerine, elderberry, pink peony, bourbon vanilla, pistachio marzipan, sweet cherry. Stylish bottle with black rattan sticks will fit perfectly into your interior. Perfume for the home with a volume of 50 ml and 100 ml will delight you with its fragrance for several months. Thanks to the natural base and high-quality fragrances, the consumption of the diffuser is economical, and the fragrance will not disappear after a few days. In the manufacture, only natural ingredients are used: it does not contain alcohol, a natural Belgian base and certified aromatic oils from France, Germany, Switzerland.

How to use a diffuser

Before using the diffuser, it is necessary to ventilate the room. First, the cork is removed from the vial. Several sticks are placed inside. The intensity of the aroma can be adjusted independently. It will depend on how many sticks are in the diffuser. To begin with, you can take three pieces, and then add or remove them, depending on the intensity of the aroma. You can appreciate the full strength of the smell only after three to four hours, when it will fully open. To intensify the aroma, the sticks need to be turned over once a week. If you put the diffuser in the sun, it will increase the intensity of the fragrance, but also speed up its release. When you go on vacation, it is better to remove the sticks from the liquid and close the bottle with a cap. This will keep the fragrance from escaping until you are home.

The aroma diffuser LZ Candles will help to give a feeling of comfort and warmth to your home, the aroma of bourbon vanilla, which can be found in the Wildberries online store under the article — 59385639. Under the LZ Candles brand, the Wildberries store offers a wide range of aroma diffusers for home, car fragrances and aroma candles. Add LZ Candles to your list of favorite brands and stay up to date with what’s new. We will be glad to receive your orders. With love, LZ Candles brand!


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