Tights are not only health and comfort, but also part of the style of our children, especially when it comes to a festive event in kindergarten or school.


  • Compound. We prefer natural cotton, combined with synthetic elastic fibers (elastane, spandex, lycra) to give strength and durability to products.
  • Color. Snow-white is suitable for a holiday, they are also universal for everyday wear, go well with any outfit. However, tights of dark, but solid colors (gray, dark blue, black) are still more practical. It is convenient if there are several colors in the set.
  • Thickness. For summer and warm rooms, we choose thinner ones, and for walks in frost — dense ones (terry or containing wool in the composition).
  • Convenience. Elastic waistband of tights should be moderately tight — fit around the waist of the child, but not squeeze so that the child does not leave traces on the waist. Seams should be flat and soft.

Well, the most important criterion is that the child likes tights!

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