• Spacer horizontal bar — a classic crossbar made of steel. Fastens in an aperture at the expense of expansion bolt shields and plates.

Such a horizontal bar can withstand up to 150 kg.

If desired, neoprene pads are put on the spacer.

The cost of the crossbar is low. Literally a thousand rubles.

There are cheaper options and they depend on the length of the crossbar.

The minimum and maximum length is 76-180.

Article 25771928

• Corner bar — Similar to the spacer bar, but with a space advantage. If your room doesn’t have a lot of space, then a corner bar is an option.
The horizontal bar is hung in the corner and does not take up much space.

Withstands up to 180 kg.
Removal of the crossbar from the wall — 80 cm.
Bar weight 4 kg
Fastening system — anchor bolts

Neoprene handles can be put on the corner horizontal bar for convenience in the classroom.

The price varies from 1000 rubles.

Article 25772458

• Ceiling horizontal bar — if it is quite problematic to find a place in the house in an apartment, then a ceiling horizontal bar is a way out of the situation.
It will withstand endless training and weight from 250 kg.
The bar itself weighs 4 kg.

In addition, the ceiling horizontal bar has a parallel grip.
There are models on the market that are attached to both the ceiling and the wall due to their universal adjustment.

Such a design costs from 2 thousand.

Article 25771616

• Wall-mounted horizontal bar — otherwise it is called above the door horizontal bar, as it is often hung over the doorway.

The profile of such models is 40 * 40, which means that the design will last a long time. 5 years.

The weight that the wall horizontal bar can withstand varies from 200 to 350 kg.
The design itself weighs from 6 kg.

A nice addition is strong rings. Pears, gymnastic rings, loops, a hammock for children are hung on the rings.

The number of grips depends on the specific model. Some horizontal bars of this format have 3 crossbars and 6 rings. Children use these models.

The price will cost from 2 thousand rubles.

Article 24709557

• Horizontal bar 3in1 — universal horizontal bar bars + press. On it you can pull yourself up with various grips, pump the press and practice on the uneven bars. It is enough to turn the horizontal bar into the position of the bars — press.

3 in 1 have nice additions depending on the specific model: bars and cushion are adjustable.

This will help to engage both children and adults, and also unload the spine.

The weight that 3in1 can withstand varies from 300 to 400 kg. On crash tests, horizontal bars withstand 3 people weighing more than 80 kg. However, they do not deform.
The design itself weighs from 11 kg

If you prefer comfort, then pay attention to the firmware of pillows and armrests. They should not recover after classes and not tear at the first opportunity.

Article 25767887

• Floor horizontal bar — a simulator that has a complex design.
It combines press bars and several additional functions: for example, a floor horizontal bar is used as a power complex — working with a barbell, push-ups in a lying position.

The floor horizontal bar is often taken by people who rent an apartment. They can’t afford to drill holes in the wall or they’ll be severely reprimanded by the landlord.

There is another reason why they take this model — you can’t screw a horizontal bar into the walls. The walls are either hollow brick or material that is not amenable to horizontal bar installation.

The load on floor horizontal bars is much less — from 250 kg.
The profile of the horizontal bar is strong — 40 * 60
During classes, the horizontal bar does not stagger due to the well-thought-out design.
The price range of such simulators starts from 11 thousand rubles.

In conclusion, a couple of tips from the experts:

• If possible, test the horizontal bar before buying in the store, otherwise you will be disappointed with the choice;

• If you make a purchase online, buy in a store where they make a return if the product is not to your liking;

• Decide on a goal — if you want to squeeze the maximum out of yourself, then look at the multifunctional 3in1;

• Buy an extra set of neoprene handles. If trouble happens with the first pair, then you can quickly replace them;

• Do not be shy about the services of a master. A professional will assemble and secure the horizontal bar firmly;

• Choose only profile 40*40. Anything less is already obsolete and not safe;

• Avoid plastic cushions and armrests. This will bring severe inconvenience during classes.

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