Makeup kits are an efficient and quick way to replenish your makeup bag, plus an original gift idea for a woman.

Everyone loves to receive gifts. And this is not at all surprising, because positive emotions always come with a gift. But let’s remember one interesting quote: “Greater happiness is to give than to receive”.

Material content:

1. Criteria for choosing a gift

2. What kinds of cosmetic kits are there?

3. Features of Ani.Li Cosmetic Gift Set

4. Overview of our beauty boxes

5. Tip

Gift Selection Criteria

Each person in his life faced with the question of what to give to a close or simply familiar woman, for example, on her birthday or on March 8th. And if the choice fell on a cosmetic gift set, you can’t do without a number of nuances:

  • Who is the birthday girl;
  • How old is she;
  • What are her preferences in cosmetics;
  • What she might need in the near future, etc.

The choice of a gift for women is always difficult, because often the eyes run wide from the abundance of offers. But you need to choose a box that is appropriate, affordable for the donor, will be useful and, most importantly, will please and be remembered for a long time. The best option is a cosmetic set. A useful and necessary gift with an individual approach and almost always with a well-thought-out composition.

What types of cosmetic kits are there?

First, let’s look at what kind of cosmetic sets for women are. Cosmetics in general can be divided into several types:

  • decorative;
  • Caring;
  • Hygienic.

Not all cosmetics should be donated. One of the universal options is considered to be a gift with decorative cosmetics, but it is necessary to take into account age (it is preferable to give such a set to young girls), color type, skin features and of course preferences.

As for caring cosmetics, they are suitable only for very close people. For example, a sister can give a sister or a mother a daughter and vice versa. Otherwise, the gift may offend or confuse. Remember, women are charming! In no case do not prove the opposite to them by giving caring cosmetics.

Another thing is hygienic cosmetics, and we are not talking about shampoos and soaps now. They also include the so-called SPA — products: shower gels, bath salts, aromatic oils and related accessories.

Features of Ani.LIi Cosmetic Gift Set

When we came up with and assembled our care gift set, it is worth noting that, first of all, we paid attention to several aspects that are serious for us:

  • The highest quality products;
  • Well-known brands that have already established themselves;
  • Original gift style and presentation;
  • Fashionable colors and trends;

And the most IMPORTANT thing: first you need to try everything personally for yourself.

Overview of our beauty boxes

We draw your attention to the beauty boxes from the AniLi brand in pink and purple colors (articles: 67017151,67017152). Thanks to carefully selected top positions for SPA — procedures and care for the body, face and lips, these sets are ideal for almost any girl and woman. With the help of the «Pinky» and «Purple» sets, your relatives and friends will be sure that when buying a gift, you thought about them, took into account certain preferences and, as a result, managed to guess their desires.

So, what is included in our women’s skin care kits? Let’s go in order:

  • Gel-shake for the body;
  • Sheet masks, 2pcs;
  • Patches-mask for lips;
  • Bubbling bath ball;
  • Terry face towel;
  • Greeting card;
  • Kraft envelope for a postcard.

Gel shake for a body from the Vita&Milk trademark
Light and gentle shower gel with airy foam with a delicious aroma of milk. It perfectly cleanses the skin, makes it soft and velvety. And the necessary vitamins and microelements contained in milk protein perfectly soothe sensitive skin and soften it. This gel opens up new facets of emotions and gives such lightness and positiveness that taking a shower turns into one sheer pleasure.

Sheet face mask with milk extract from FarmStay brand
Face mask with milk extract, made of 100% cotton, perfectly nourishes, tones and moisturizes the skin. Lightens freckles and age spots, evens out complexion. Lactoenzymes, which are present in milk, make the skin supple, elastic, moisturizing and toning it, and amino acids do an excellent job with the top layer of dead skin cells.

Sheet face mask from the Korean brand Ekel
As this mask is impregnated with moisturizing essence, it immediately intensively nourishes the skin of the face, in a short time gives it a slight radiance and has an anti-aging effect. These masks are specially formulated to help tone and hydrate the skin in 1-2 applications. In our kits, you can find masks with extracts of chokeberry, red ginseng, rose, etc.

Patches mask Collagen lip balm by Zozu
The composition of the patch includes a natural plant extract of milk protein. Thanks to him, the mask quickly restores dry skin of the lips, has a good lifting effect, smoothes and moisturizes small cracks and wrinkles. The skin on the lips remains elastic, after the patch there is no stickiness or any discomfort.

Bubbling bath ball from the trademarks Organic Secrets or Beauty Cafe
I wonder if there is at least one woman in the world who does not like to fill the bath with hot water, plunge into it, forgetting about life and fuss ?! A bubbling handmade ball is just what will help you plunge into the world of female fantasy and harmony with the environment. The ball has a unique sweet aroma, helps to quickly relax, and thanks to valuable extracts and oils, it moisturizes and softens the skin. In our kits you can find bubbling balls with extracts of wild strawberries, strawberries, currants, lavender, etc.

Terry face towel
And finally, one of the most memorable and desired elements of our sets is a terry towel. It is made from natural 100% cotton. Thanks to high-quality yarn, the towel is endowed with softness and fluffy pile, absorbs quickly and dries quickly. And the size is perfect for gently wiping the delicate skin of the face.

Greeting card and envelope
Postcard-book with wishes, made of designer paper.

Craft envelope for a postcard or for a “surprise”
We are responsible for decor and packaging. For our cosmetic sets, we used: a stylish craft box, a gift filler, a satin ribbon, a sticker with an illustration. Additionally, the gift box is packed in bubble wrap for safety during transportation.


To please a woman is difficult, but doable. If you give with love, sincerely wanting to please and if the gift is exquisitely packaged, thought out and useful, then the woman will definitely appreciate the attention, and pleasant emotions and a sense of gratitude will be guaranteed to you.


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