Cellulite and vacuum massage. How it works?


You may have noticed a nasty “orange peel” on your body by chance, trying on a dress that you liked. A large mirror in the dressing room did not hesitate to point out the defect in the figure.

Or maybe this “good friend” gasped shamelessly: “You shouldn’t wear such a pretty little sarafan! Cellulite on the hands must be hidden! That suits me.» And since then, a chiffon scarf on your shoulders will help you.

Or maybe you just watch your figure and eliminate the shortcomings that have appeared in time.

No matter how you discovered this orange peel, I know for a fact that it has been a big headache for you ever since!

Favorite short skirt not put on.

Seductive open dress under ban.

Tight things that emphasize the shape of the body, you not allies.

About vacation, sea, swimsuit and there is nothing to say.

✘ And if you met your love? How about a romantic dinner and continuation in the bedroom? Scary to think!

And from such reflections, the mood is nowhere worse: you get annoyed over every trifle, you try to leave the house less so as not to meet carefree girlfriends and not sow the seed of envy in your soul for their impeccable figure.

I went through all those dark thoughts too. And therefore I will say with confidence, if you do not despair, but enter into a bold struggle with the “citrus” trouble, then day by day this fight will even bring you pleasure.

However, suddenly you are looking for multiple excuses and reasons for your spoiled figure, just to cry. You are lazy and indifferent to your appearance, then you can not waste your time and read no further. It’s not for you. Eat your trouble further with chocolate. Then nothing will change in your life.

How cellulite works

Let’s take a look at it first. You need to know your enemy from the inside. So it will be easier for you to imagine the process of fighting with him.
So. Changes in the structure of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, leading to a violation of the outflow of lymph and blood microcirculation in the area of ​​fatty deposits — this is cellulite. This is by no means a disease, but an elementary deposition of fat with congestion, as a result of which a cosmetic defect of the skin occurs in the form of friability and tubercles.

And this is how it is formed. Special cells contribute to the breakdown of fat and its removal into the circulatory system. When their violation occurs, the fat cannot be fully split, it begins to put pressure on the epithelial layer of the skin from the inside, contributing to the occurrence of swelling and impaired blood supply to the subcutaneous layer — which is why cellulite appears.
Then these cells can accumulate and form nodules, forming the so-called «orange peel». Look:

I think now you visualize your task: loosen and break up knots.

You can do this with:


with the use of warming creams or cosmetic mud;


drugs that promote the breakdown of subcutaneous fat;


that is, ozone therapy sessions;


stimulation of the skin with current pulses.

Shock wave stimulation and carbon dioxide therapy may also be used.

How scary this all sounds, doesn’t it? How much money and time must be spent!

You can take your head from such information.
What to do, where to find an affordable method to regain the former smoothness of the skin?

Anti-cellulite jars — simple and inexpensive

Mostly made in China, but there are also ours, Russian ones. The reliability of both those and those jars leaves much to be desired:


the chemical composition of the material of manufacture can cause allergies;


the color of the can is too bright to attract the attention of the buyer; you can’t see how much skin you capture, hence the pain of the procedure;


the edge is too thin, poor quality cutting scratches the skin.

That’s why my team and I released my own can of Catimur. When it was created, all the wishes of our girls were taken into account. We have tried to bring maximum comfort and safety in its application.

Vacuum jar for cellulite massage KatieMur

Here she is, your assistant!

Why is a KatieMur jar the best choice?

We have tested 97% of the offered vacuum massage cups.
We took into account all their shortcomings and strengthened their advantages!

Transparent color

Allows you to see how much skin you have drawn into the jar and avoid injury.

thickened edge

The smooth thick edging of the jar will soften the discomfort.

medical material

The jar is made of plastic, passed all tests and has a medical certificate

Medium hardness

The most optimal size for self-massage at home. The jar is easy to squeeze with one hand.

Comes with a handmade bag

The jar is convenient to store, it does not gather dust on the shelf, and you can take it with you on a trip.


The bag is exclusively sewn in a sewing workshop just for your jar.

natural linen

High quality hypoallergenic natural linen is used for sewing the bag.


The bag is washable, it will last a long time and will be a cozy home for your jar.

How to use a jar?

Following the attached instructions, warm up the body, take a fragrant bath, apply your favorite cosmetic oil on the skin, squeeze the jar, place it on the body and move smoothly over the problem area. Spend 10-15 minutes on this pleasant action. Then — a favorite bed, a cozy blanket and a cup of tea.
Relax, purring with pleasure!

I can talk endlessly about the Ketimur anti-cellulite jar. But all my stories will fade when you yourself feel it at work. You will just fall in love with her! Yes, and how else. Imagine, a week later, the hated «orange peel» left from your assistant’s massage! Of course, not immediately, but the first results are impressive. It’s amazing how 1-2 centimeters in the volume of massaged places also disappeared! This is a great incentive for you to continue this pleasant war with cellulite.
And even if treacherous skin irregularities still remain in some places on your body, life is already returning its bright colors!
Painful thoughts about the rapidly flying beauty disappeared. Butterflies have returned to your soul!
And it is infinitely happy!
I hope you enjoyed talking. I tried very hard to help you. I wish you not to be discouraged. Do not look for the miracle of getting rid of the «citrus» peel, sitting at the computer! Take action!

Yours Katya Moore.

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