Every dog ​​needs to have their own place to rest and sleep. For a pet, his bed will become personal spacebecause going there, he shows that he wants to be alone, sleep and relax.

How to accustom a dog to a bed?

It is necessary to accustom a puppy to a couch from the very first days. An adult dog will not be difficult to train, provided that she knows the command «place«. But do not force it — the dog needs some time to get used to it. Most likely, you will have to repeat a number of certain actions repeatedly.

If your pet is not familiar with the command «place» — no problem. Place the bed in a place convenient for the dog. It should be a secluded corner from which you can see the surroundings. Get rid of distractions: turn off the TV, take other people away. Prepare treats, but don’t leave them in front of your dog. After a game or a walk, when the pet wants to rest, take him to the couch and clearly say the command “place«. If the dog obeys, praise it and treat it with a treat.

Often the first time the dog does not understand what they want from it. Don’t scold her for it! Better repeat your steps. But you don’t have to do it all day. 5-10 minutes a day will be enough, and 3-5 lessons per week will suffice.

How long does it take for a dog to get used to the bed?

This is individual. Much depends on the age of the pet, on previous experience. But the main thing is your patience. Do not try to force your pet to lie down in a new place by force and shouting.

Once you have managed to accustom the dog to the couch, once again do not disturb him. Don’t forget that now it’s hers safe resting place, inviolable zone. If the dog brought toys to the bed, then you should not move them in front of her eyes.

Be patient, persistent and kind. Then you will succeed!

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