A complete homemade lunch at work and on a trip: how to choose a universal thermos for food. Arctic 308-1300

Imagine how pleasant it is to eat hot homemade soup seasoned with fresh herbs while away from home in the middle of a working day or during a trip! There is a feeling that the house is near. On long trips or at lunches in the office, a thermos for food helps out. But how do you choose the one that’s right for you and your family? We will talk about several important qualities that a thermos for food should have, using the example of the Arktika thermos of the 308-1300 series, a stylish ergonomic novelty with containers.

1. A high-quality thermos has a strong body made of safe materials

Thermos series 308 is proof of this. It is made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, which is a guarantee of durability and environmental friendliness. A metal thermos made of high-quality steel will not impart third-party flavors to food. It will reliably keep the temperature inside both hot and cold dishes. «Arktika» 308-1300 keeps the temperature up to 12 hours, which is suitable even for long trips.

2. Thermos for food should fit your diet

Are you used to a full meal of several dishes and do not want to deny yourself this even away from home? Then Arktika 308 is the best solution for you. This is a lifesaver of 3 capacious metal containers, two of which are immersed inside the thermos itself, which helps to keep the temperature of hot dishes as high as possible, and the third is conveniently screwed to the lid, which separates it from others and allows you to store cold dishes in it.

Each container has a universal serving size: for hot dishes — 300 and 400 ml, for cold (container-lid) — 300 ml. This is very convenient: the thermos holds a full-fledged balanced lunch, which everyone can put together for themselves. You will be able to set yourself an impromptu 3 course table. As you know, variety is the key to a healthy diet.

However, the thermos can be used without containers. The main body is also made of food-grade stainless steel, perfectly retains the temperature and has an impressive volume of 1300 ml.

3. Thermos should be convenient and easy to use

The smaller the thermos takes up space, the better. «Arktika» 308 allows you to collect food for the whole family in one thermos and please 3 people with different food preferences. Spicy spicy kharcho — for dad, lightly salted tender vermicelli soup — for a child, refreshing light salad — for mom.

Each inner container is suitable for soup: their stoppers are equipped with silicone rings that protect against leaks. In addition, the thermos has an anti-suction button, thanks to which you do not need to make an effort to open the thermos.

The bottom and sides of the thermos are rubberized, which prevents slipping both on the surface and in the hands. And just holding it is a pleasure.

4. Thermos for food should have a wide mouth

An important quality of a thermos is practicality. In the Arktika 308 thermos, each container has a wide mouth — 9 cm, which means it is convenient to eat from it. You do not have to transfer food to plates and then spend time washing additional dishes.

At the same time, the thermos itself is convenient to wash, again thanks to the wide neck and metal case.

5. Pay attention to reliable manufacturers

Read reviews! Check if the thermos has a warranty card, if the product is certified. Arktika attaches warranty certificates to each thermos. The manufacturer is confident in its products and gives a 5-year warranty on the isothermal properties of the thermos. In addition, the Arktika 308-1300 thermos has already established itself as a reliable product, and positive reviews confirm this.

Also, a thermos is a great gift for any occasion, as it is universal and useful in every home.

As a result, we note that a thermos for food should be safe, reliable, versatile and compact. We hope that we were able to help you understand this topic, and now you are ready to make the right choice. Enjoy the shopping!

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