8 tips on how to choose school shoes and not regret it


The choice of school shoes is one of the main tasks that parents face while preparing for the new school year. In addition to models for the street and physical education, you also need to decide directly on the «shift». All shoes must meet a large number of criteria, please the child and meet the requirements of the educational institution. Together with the Spanish brand of children’s and teens’ shoes PABLOSKY, we have prepared tips to help you choose the right replacement shoes.

Council number 1. Shoes must be made from quality materials.

Opt for breathable and hypoallergenic materials such as natural leather, nubuck, thick textiles. A child spends a lot of time at school, so shoes should create an optimal microclimate for the feet and provide comfort during prolonged wear. The PABLOSKY line of school shoes includes models made of patent leather, both black and very beautiful deep shades of dark blue, burgundy.

Council number 2. The sole should be very light and flexible.

This is necessary for the proper development of the child’s feet. A light and flexible outsole will provide good cushioning and strong traction on the floor, as well as leave no marks, which is the requirement for school shoes in many educational institutions.

Council number 3. Pay attention to the inside of the shoe

Choose shoes with a seamless lining and an anatomically shaped insole. Nothing should interfere with the foot, rub or crush, at the same time, shoes should not fall off during walking. In PABLOSKY shoes, a special textile material is used as a lining — microfiber, which in terms of tactile sensations does not differ from leather, but is better than leather in properties, as it absorbs moisture, and children’s feet may sweat during a long stay at school. Microfiber absorbs moisture and dries many times faster, that is, the legs, even if they sweat, will be in comfort. This season, the colors of the linings are a separate element of decor, the company uses such unusual colors as plaid and houndstooth.

Council number 4. Choose models with an elongated hard back and a small heel

For elementary school, shoes with an elongated hard heel are recommended, which helps to fix the foot in the correct position. The maximum heel height is 1.5 cm. Shoes with a small heel is the prevention of flat feet and contributes to the formation of correct posture while walking.

Council number 5. The method of fixing shoes should be simple, but reliable.

Choose shoes with a simple but secure fit so that the process of changing shoes does not cause any difficulties for the child. To date, the best fixation option is strong Velcro straps that adjust the shoes exactly to the foot and allow you to change shoes quickly and easily. In addition, this season PABLOSKY has many models with a buckle, which is a beautiful decorative element.

Council number 6. Opt for Versatile Options

As a «shift» in which the child walks every day, you can choose a universal shoe option — dress shoes or shoes in dark colors that will fit most of the school wardrobe and will meet the requirements of the educational institution for the appearance of students. If school rules and wardrobe allow, you can buy stylish shoes with a bright design and spectacular decor, because for schoolchildren, especially for middle and high school, appearance is of great importance — clothes and shoes.

Council number 7. When choosing sports shoes, be sure to pay attention to the sole and insole.

Separately, it should be said about sports shoes, which are also bought for school. PABLOSKY has a very large selection of sneakers, both calm solid colors with minimal decor, and ultra-modern models with bright neon inserts, unusual combinations of textures and colors, taking into account world fashion trends. Well, the most important thing in sneakers is a removable leather insole and a very light and flexible sole made of phylon — this material is now used by all world sports brands.

Tip #8. And, of course, when buying shoes, consult with your child!

If we are talking about shoes in which you need to get to school, then PABLOSKY has the widest range of fashionable shoes for both boys and girls, with regular and insulated lining. Among the most diverse models, it is important to find one that will appeal not only to you, but also to the child.


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