Women’s shorts: how did it all start?

And it all started with sports.

More precisely, from the tennis court.

Elsa Schiaparelliknown for its radical views on fashion, in 1931 created for Lily de Alvarez, a Spanish tennis player, a «split skirt» reminiscent of culottes.

Appearing in it at Wimbledon, Lily de Alvarez caused a real scandal. The penetration of shorts into the women’s wardrobe was unstoppable. Legendary designer Jean Patou has created a collection of women’s sportswear that includes shorts.

In the 40s of the 20th century, Europe announced a boycott of shorts. Under the threat of a fine, they were forbidden to be worn by everyone, except for cyclists. Shorts remain in the women’s wardrobe only as a kind of bodysuit, over which a wrap skirt was worn. American dancer and actress, classic pin-up model Betty Grable made a significant contribution to the penetration of shorts into the broad strata of women’s society. Her legs were insured for $ 1,000,000 (a huge amount in the mid-40s of the 20th century), and the short shorts that open this treasure became a kind of uniform for Betty Grable.

And, of course, we cannot ignore the famous Bermuda shorts, which came to us from the equipment of the British military who served in Bermuda. Until the 1950s, neither the islanders nor the Americans vacationing on the island were legally allowed to show their knees anywhere except on the beaches. The government was zealous in enforcing this rule. Finally, officials decided that Bermuda shorts just above the knee could be a compromise. But the length of the Bermudas should not have been shorter than 22 inches (56 cm) from the waist. The policemen were armed with rulers to control the implementation of the requirements.

This is such a long history of shorts, which are now an integral part of the women’s wardrobe!

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