White t-shirt as a fashion alphabet sign


“I have always considered a white T-shirt to be the alpha and omega of the fashionable alphabet,” Giorgio Armani once said, and we completely agree with him. It makes no sense to repeat that a white basic t-shirt goes with everything, but it makes sense to recall a few rules for choosing it.

Color. Pay attention to the shade of white, it can be different. If you have a skin tone and cool eyes, choose white with blue undertones. Honey shades in the hair, freckles, «warm» eyes — choose a warm shade of white.

Cutout. I think a round neckline is ideal, but if you need a correction — stretch your neck a little, visually lengthen the silhouette, choose a V-shaped neckline.

Texture. T-shirt should keep its shape and not see through, for this the fabric should be dense enough. IRSEN T-shirts are made of high quality premium cotton, the seams and the neck are perfectly worked out, which allows the product not to deform and be used for a long time.

Landing. The shoulder seam of the T-shirt should run along the border of the shoulder joint. It slims and makes the figure visually more toned. The seam is higher — even the smallest stoop will be emphasized. When trying on a T-shirt, raise your hands up — the stomach should not be bare. If you are not a model or a teenager — forget it! Well, and most importantly, there should be air between you and the product, the T-shirt should not be too tight, and the sleeve should dig into your hand, this will emphasize even the slightest flaws in the figure, so choose your actual size or one size larger.

T-shirts of the Russian brand IRSEN are created at one of the oldest sewing factories in Russia according to the standards and correspond to the Russian dimensional grid.


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