Stationery is indispensable for schoolchildren, students and adults. The office is needed both for maintaining a school notebook, for office work, and for conducting personal affairs.

One of the most popular categories of stationery is children’s stationery. Every parent wants their child to be well-rounded. It is from childhood that a love for art is instilled. It is difficult to imagine a child who will not be delighted with the new office.

Features when choosing a stationery

In the modern stationery market, there is now a huge selection of products from different suppliers and at attractive prices. It is very important to buy high-quality school stationery for your child. You can’t save on stationery. Otherwise, they won’t last long. It is also important that the stationery is not only of high quality, but also safe. Stationery should not harm your child’s health. When buying school goods, be careful, they must be made of high-quality and durable material and have no smell.

What do you need to buy? Here is a small list of stationery for school


Pens should be with blue ink with a pleasant surface so that the child is comfortable writing and the hand does not get tired. But you can buy unusual pens, but erasable. Then if the child makes a mistake, it can be easily corrected, the student’s notebook will be decorated neatly and beautifully. Also don’t forget to put a spare blue pen in case a child loses their pen or a classmate needs to be rescued.

Simple pencils

Simple pencils come in different hardness. You can buy a set with several stiffness options at once, so you can determine which type your child likes best. There are also mechanical pencils, if you are collecting a child in the first grade, then this is not the best option.


Rulers are plastic and wooden. It is better to choose plastic, preferably transparent. Now there are a lot of beautiful rulers with interesting designs. With plastic rulers, divisions are better visible and it is comfortable to work with them. It is important to choose a ruler that does not have sharp corners so that the child does not injure himself and others. In addition, if it gets dirty, it is easy to wipe.


The eraser should just remove the pencil from the paper, and not smear the stylus on the sheet. It is better to choose soft erasers of light or white colors.


Text highlighters are great for text and notes. Highlighters are suitable for teenagers and students, they are convenient to highlight important information. Also, markers will be convenient for those who keep a diary. Text highlighters will make your notes neat and beautiful.

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