Both adults and children look forward to when the long-awaited summer comes. Real, sunny, hot, time for new discoveries, summer holidays, family trips and long walks. With the onset of spring, parents, especially mothers, have more worries than ever. Children who have matured over the winter and unsuccessful attempts to squeeze grown legs into last year’s shoes clearly hint at the need to update the shoe wardrobe. However, choosing the right pair can sometimes be a real challenge. So, where to start choosing the right children’s shoes for the summer. First of all, find out what kind of shoes the child needs.

1) The first association with summer shoes is, of course, sandals for boys and sandals for girls. And the main characteristic that you should pay attention to is the anatomically correct design. And first of all, of course, the insole. Orthopedic specialists believe that a small arch support (submarine) in children’s shoes is necessary for the healthy growth of the musculoskeletal system. As well as a fixed heel that will provide stability and support for small feet. For active and restless kids, you should stop at models with a closed toe, which will protect you from injuries. Also, close attention should be paid to the fasteners. They should tightly fix the leg and allow the child to put on shoes on his own.

2) Of course, summer is not only sunny weather, but also cool evenings and rainy days. In such a case, shoes with water-repellent impregnation will be indispensable, which will protect against splashes and short-term exposure to moisture. Of course, it will not work to stomp through the puddles in it, but it is very possible to keep the legs dry and warm during an evening walk after the rain.

3) How to imagine a summer without active games, outdoor sports, hiking and cycling! For all this, of course, you need shoes! Lightweight, breathable, weightless — ideal for active movements in the warm season. Again, do not forget about the anatomical insole, comfortable fastener, safe corrugated sole and the right size.

Whatever your summer, active or dreamy, sunny or rainy, beachy or countryside, the ligolambi range is sure to have the perfect pair of shoes to spend it with benefit and comfort.

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