What is chocolate like?

The most delicious color

What is chocolate like?

Bitter, milky, white and one more, about which a little later😉

How to wear chocolate-colored clothes? So that it tastes good!

Bitter chocolate color deep brown. White top, chocolate bottom — a win-win. And also, try the colors of autumn or slightly muted — turquoise, mint.

Milk chocolate. The color is not as bright and contrasting as bitter. Add flavor with berry, green, blue and orange hues.

White chocolate not quite white, but more creamy. The most delicious combination is with other types of chocolate. For example, bitter and milky. And it’s time to talk about another type of chocolate — ruby.

Belgian company Barry Callebaut introduced Ruby Chocolate in 2017, claiming that the pink-fruity color of this chocolate is obtained by processing a special variety of cocoa beans. Some people think it’s fake. But the color is truly amazing! Now imagine how delicious it will be if you collect all the shades of chocolate in one image😍

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