Many people, wanting to diversify their sex life, go to sex shops. Intimate shops offer a wide variety of toys, among which the butt plug is quite popular. Before purchasing such a delicate accessory, you need to study in detail the characteristics of the product, the methods and rules for its use. This will help to avoid mistakes in the process of using the cork and get tremendous pleasure.

The classic anal plug consists of three elements: a tip, a thin stem and a wide base that acts as a limiter. The wide base prevents the toy from entering the intestines, keeping it in place during body movement. The limiter is also needed to remove the device.

A sexy accessory can be decorated with decorative elements: rhinestones, feathers, fur. The One Love brand introduces a stainless steel butt plug with a colored stone at the base, made in three colors: blue, red and purple.

This dainty sex toy has a sleek teardrop shape with a pointed head for the most delicate insertion. A multi-faceted stone is installed at the base of the cork, which gives the product a special charm and brilliance. Made of high quality steel, does not cause allergies, ideal for people with hypersensitivity to materials.

Butt plug is designed to give pleasure. Notably, it can be used both as a stand-alone pleasure tool and as a preparation for further anal play, as it allows the muscles to be relaxed for larger objects. Getting an orgasm during sex is one of the key points in the process, and the anal orgasm is no less real than any other. Butt plug is perfect for those who just want to diversify the routine of intimate life, and for those who want to try anal entertainment, but do not know where to start.

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