Many face difficulties when choosing toys for children. Nowadays, there are a huge number of children’s stores, and even more toys in them. This makes it very difficult to find the right one that will meet your requirements. After all, you want to buy one that your child will like at first sight, will interest and bring great benefits to your child. And if, thanks to this toy, you can teach attention, perseverance, logic, thinking and counting in a playful way, it will be just perfect!

We decided to help you in this difficult variety of toys to choose from. After all, the development of preschoolers is the main investment in their future. Our toy is recommended as educational toys from 3 years old, and even earlier from 1 year old, of course, under the supervision of adults, and up to any age depends on the characteristics of the children’s character. The manual allows you to explore work with the inclusion of significant areas of development in children: sensory, motor, speech, mental, emotional, which is increasingly common in the overall development of the child.

The color box contains tweezers, flower-shaped plastic cups and wooden mini-pyramids adapted to the game examples. The kid performs tasks with his mother from the instructions, collects mini-pyramids in cups of his own color, pronouncing and memorizing colors along the way.

With the help of tweezers, the baby trains fine motor skills and learns to use rough tools, both with his right and left hand.

Tasks are achieved from simple to complex, for starters, the baby gets acquainted with all objects: evaluates color, shape, size; further, the child is offered games according to the rules, or you can invent your own games. Develop with pleasure!

It is possible to use cups for bathing in the bathroom, for freezing ice, and also for playing in the sandbox.Make a significant contribution to the development of your child — pay attention to our brand «MIA Irina».

Choose for your beloved child the best toys for early development in our store: a sorter with tweezers and a number balancer.

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