Vintage furniture is synonymous with the word «style»


Vintage furniture shows its character at first sight 💣 No wonder it has so many fans even today 😍 Such an accent will add +100 to the interior even now, and it’s easier than you think ⬇️

💭 Remember grandma’s old chest of drawers with sliding doors? What about a roomy sideboard on thin legs? Many people still keep these in their garage 📦 And now they are bought up on ad sites to breathe new life into shabby furniture 🙌

Tables and chairs were usually made of solid wood, and the cabinets were veneered and covered with a good layer of varnish on top 😬 Fortunately, this can be fixed! 🪄 If you decide to update the coating, at home you can remove the varnish with a hand scraper or a special remover, treat the surface with 80P-120P sandpaper and cover with natural wood oil 💧 For a complete transformation, update the fittings, and a magnificent piece of designer furniture is ready! 🔥

🎨 Alder, pine and sunflower are shades of colors that are perfect for updating vintage furniture ✨

What piece of furniture from the past would you like to give a second life? 🪑


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