Top 5 tips from the author: how to harmoniously develop a preschool child


We all want our children to grow up successful and harmoniously developed. But how to put it into practice? What should you pay special attention to? Here are the tips of O.A. Zvontsova, an experienced teacher, a specialist in developmental education and the author of the book “A Great Course in the Development of a Preschooler”.

Olga Aleksandrovna Zvontsova — PhD in Pedagogy, an expert on the development of preschool and primary school children, a developer of a convenient and simple system of classes for children aged 2-7 years. Starting to smoothly engage with the kids, you will help prepare their brain in a comprehensive and comprehensive way for the next stage of growing up without effort and unnecessary stress.

So, TOP-5 tips from Olga Zvontsova for parents of all preschoolers:

1. Make time for a variety of activities. When attending preschool preparatory classes, do not forget about the emotional component. Talk with your baby, play, discuss, share tips, try new things together. Don’t just focus on getting ready for school — focus on the overall development of your child.

2. Exercise regularly. The child should gradually get used to systematic studies. It is better to give “lessons” for 10-15 minutes every day than once a week — an hour and a half.

3. If a child is not engaged, this does not mean that he is not developing. Include intellectual tasks by age in your daily life. The smallest ones can look for a ball in the room, those who are older can help their mother sort forks and spoons, and 6-7-year-old children are already ready to receive “special tasks”, for example, to assemble a Lego robot only from red parts. Such games effectively activate the child’s thinking: they awaken fantasy, logic, combinatorics, memory and attention.

4. Encourage and educate your child to be independent. In the future, he will be left to himself, and how comfortable he will be in the world around him depends on his self-confidence. Instruct the baby to be responsible for completing the backpack for classes: at first only a pencil case, later — along with a notebook and textbooks; then add, for example, responsibility for cleanliness and order in the “workplace”. Expand his powers. By doing this, you will do a good service to both the child and yourself.

5. Focus on rewards, not mistakes. Mistakes are normal. They are worth noting, developing the right course of action and practicing it. Do not delve into the analysis and do not make problems out of mistakes. Praise and celebrate victories more often, even small ones.

In her new book, A Great Course in Preschool Development: With Tests and Stickers, Olga Zvontsova offers parents a ready-made balanced and comprehensive approach to preschool development. Many diverse tasks for a child from 2 to 7 years old cover 12 areas of development of thinking. You do not have to buy several training series — this one even includes neuropsychological and speech therapy exercises. The Zvontsova system does not require any special knowledge from adults (all instructions are given inside) or a lot of time (classes take 10-15 minutes a day). You can choose benefits by age or one collection for 5 years in advance. The book is very visual, with color pictures and bright stickers, and as a result of passing the tests, the child receives a certificate of passing the block.

Prepare your children not for school, but for a successful future!


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