Tea is like hugging, only in a cup.


Tea is a wonderful drink, you can find a lot in it, from the captivating taste of a hot drink to the warm feelings of happiness inside. Tea has long been valued by people for its benefits and taste. It brings people together, cheers up, warms on cold evenings and cools on a hot day. The magic of tea cannot be underestimated, it brings families together with home evenings, filling the kitchen with its fruity aromas, it will take you from a work routine to home comfort, it will charge you with energy for the whole day in the morning, and in the evening it will relieve fatigue and give relaxation. Tea is an occasion not to forget that we have each other, even if you have not seen each other for several years, an invitation to delicious tea will be the best way to meet. Here it is, tea, a wonderful drink that we love as a family. We would like to introduce you to our favorite tea flavors in a gift set. A little about us — we are the Limonov family, Alexander, Alena and baby Mark. We are lovers of delicious tea and comfort in the house, we have collected for you a gift set of tea from 6 types. We carefully chose tea and tried each type, only the most delicious and high-quality tea was included in our set, we ourselves collected each fragrant box and sealed it with a wax seal, it gives the box its own zest, such a box is ideal for a gift to relatives and friends, colleagues, friends and just tea lovers. It is a pleasure to open such a box and feel the alluring aroma of tea from there, and it is doubly pleasant to find a gift for yourself there. Our set includes «Green tea with mint and lavender» — it will give strength and vigor in the morning, and in the evening sweet lavender will calm you down after a hard day. «Strawberry Oolong» tones and soothes, will remind you of a sunny summer day with its strawberry notes. «Imperial» tea will charge you with positive emotions for the whole day, everyone deserves royal tea. «Insolent fruit» contains a lot of vitamins, it will warm you in winter and cool you with its sourness on a hot day. «1001 Nights», like the fairy tales of Scheherazade, captivates with its mystery, fullness of taste and variety. «Cookie» is an amazing drink based on Ku Qiao buckwheat tea, rich, self-sufficient, spicy taste with a cozy aroma of chocolate and orange cookies. We hope you enjoyed our article and our lovingly put together tea set. We will be grateful if you choose our tea, have a nice tea party! Have a nice day everyone from the lemon.lemon family.


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