Chia is one of the most popular superfoods today and has quickly gained popularity among health food fans. These seeds are a rich source of protein, fiber, calcium, antioxidants and Omega-3s. According to nutritionists, chia seeds can cleanse the body of toxins, improve bowel function, and even rejuvenate the body. Seeds are an addition to the main familiar dishes: porridge, salad, side dish, pastries. Add one teaspoon of seeds to an already prepared dish and you will be able to complement the taste of your usual food and enrich it with useful microelements in high concentration. With a mortar or coffee grinder, the grains can be ground. The resulting flour is added to cereals, to the dough of pancakes and homemade bread. Seeds can also be soaked for 35-45 minutes in water, milk or juice. For one teaspoon of seeds, take at least one glass of liquid. Ready chia pudding is combined with berries, fruits and cocoa, it turns out a real dessert. Chia seeds are a gift to your body!

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