Puzzle mat as a great solution for arranging a play space for children!


Rug-puzzle in step with the times.

Let’s go back to our childhood and remember how our playground on the floor was equipped? Correctly! There were loads of blankets and pillows! But progress does not stand still and today we have more convenient, practical and most importantly safe options for arranging a play space for a child — puzzle mats from KOVRIK_PAZL_SEMKA. When a child masters attempts to crawl and sit down on his own, he becomes bored in the crib, he begins to act up and ask for pens. It is from this moment that parents should think about organizing space for the development and games of your child. Leaving the baby on the couch is no longer safe, but in the arena it is boring and harmful. And then the baby moves to the floor.

Let’s find out why together? Namely, why do you need to opt for our puzzle mat!

First, it’s useful. Pediatricians say that the child develops faster in this way, this is an excellent surface for taking air baths. The material from which the rug is made is very important — the hypoallergenic material of the Eva Form rug is suitable for children from birth and its surface has the correct ratio of density and thickness, which creates the necessary support for the arms and legs of the child!

Secondly, the puzzle mat is suitable for any season! Puzzles have a thermal effect, they are warm, as if on a warm floor. The rug creates comfortable conditions on tiles, laminate, and even concrete, regardless of the weather outside the window, with puzzle rugs, the baby will always be comfortable and warm. The rug can be transported, it is easy to assemble, disassemble and take with you on the road!

Thirdly, it is safe for kids. Because the child will not fall from a height, and the mat will soften all his falls, due to its composition!

Fourthly, this is a huge plus, it frees up the hands of parents, the mother has free time for household and personal affairs, while the child masters the skills of coups, it becomes easier for him to hold his head, the children begin to crawl faster on our rugs, as the floor in front of them opens a whole world full of adventure!

Fifth, the carpet is very easy to care for. Puzzles are hypoallergenic and do not accumulate dust and debris, they can be vacuumed with any kind of vacuum cleaner, and even washing! If the puzzles are very dirty, just clean with a brush with soapy water, the mat dries very quickly!

Children’s play mat-puzzle is very convenient for daily leisure and pastime with children, it will be a great place for active games! It is suitable for babies from birth, and older children. At any age, a puzzle mat is the safest and warmest space to play.

Separately, I would like to say that puzzle mats from KOVRIK_PAZL_SEMKA fit perfectly into any room interior! Thanks to a huge range of colors, the rug can be assembled to your taste. Puzzles are presented in eight shades, they can be assembled independently, and you can always buy additional puzzles and expand the area of ​​​​the rug. If you still do not know how to arrange a children’s room? Get the «KOVRIK_PAZL_SEMKA» mat, it will undoubtedly please you and your child, and can also be a great gift!


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