Like many novice tea lovers in my early childhood, I tried only black and green teas, and it was frank chic to receive a gift in the form of a coveted 100 gram cube of black tea with an elephant from India, and indeed, the quality was quite tolerable, but there was no choice from the word at all. Today, many people have the opportunity to taste such exquisite teas, and now the reality is different, there is a lot of tea.

About 20 years ago I tried Pu-erh for the first time while visiting friends and recently remembered the review of our Client: — how do they drink it at all)? This was exactly the reaction I had, I really didn’t understand it, but curiosity got the better of me and with each new sip of the life-giving drink I was filled with understanding and new sensations, after the entire kitchen set was packed to capacity with shu pu-erh tea of ​​various manufacturers and gradations from light gong ting-ah to collectible pancakes from the Wuyi collection of the early 90s.

The next amazing serious acquaintance was with shen pu-erh, as I remember now a young tochu from Xiaguan, my receptors experienced a slight shock from the taste palette, which my brain could not comprehend, but over time I fell in love with them so much that in my personal collection shu and sheng pu-erhs are approximately equal in count. Shu is more suitable for the first half of the day, according to my feelings, it sets you up for active work and creates a lasting effect of 100% efficiency and composure.

Shen is a more intelligent tea for contemplation, meditation and maintaining physical and spiritual health. A gift for a tea lover, in my opinion, should be first of all unusual. If you like Japanese tea, then most likely you will receive teas as a gift: sencha, genmaicha or kokeycha, if Russian tea, then you will probably want Ivan tea or chaga as a gift, but if you are a sophisticated lover of pu-erh, then you will certainly be surprised by shen pu-erh, originally from the city of the same name Pu erh with amazing exposure, grown in a dry year, the raw materials for such tea are as concentrated and useful as possible, if the gifted person takes care of his health and loves teas, then with such a gift he will jump for joy, regardless of age, proven )

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, Beloved, Beloved, Colleague, for New Year, Christmas, February 23, March 8, or just want to make a present, then consider shen pu-erh from the catalog of our store: 40805781/detail.aspx?targetUrl=BP

Have a nice tea party, Valentine, head of the AZIRIS company.

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