Organizer «turnkey» or how to please yourself and your child?


How often do you think that everything in the child’s world should be perfect?

— Most likely — almost always! That’s just the time to achieve perfection is not always enough.

If we are talking about the order on the table, then there are so many nuances that it is simply physically difficult to comply with all the wishes. For example, you bought a brand new cool organizer for storing school supplies and you definitely want to pick up the most beautiful stationery for your child under it. But just imagine how much time you spend looking for a sharpener or pencil of the right shade.

«Letter of the House» has prepared just the perfect solution for parents: an organizer with content that perfectly matches the color scheme and style. So, inside a capacious organizer there are such accessories as: an undated diary “Kitty”, a sketchbook for sketches and drawings, ballpoint pens, a simple and automatic pencil, helium pens, pastel color markers, a glue stick, a ruler, note sheets, bookmarks with sticky edge, sticky notes, gold paper clips, pastel pencil sharpener, corrector and eraser.

An impressive set, isn’t it? And all this is just perfect for the design of the organizer.
Each of our organizers contains very sophisticated stationery that will appeal to a child, a teenage girl, and even an adult dreamer. Light colors are perfect for a light work interior or a delicate children’s room.

What I want to note is that the cost of an organizer with filling is incredibly profitable, storage systems in a similar price category have the same price — empty, that is, without stationery.

In my opinion, such a set can be a wonderful gift for a child, a colleague, and for herself.


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