Linen or cotton: which men’s shirt to buy?


Summer is not losing ground yet and you can safely buy a men’s shirt inexpensively. But what model of clothes will be the most comfortable, stylish and practical? Let’s look at examples of what buyers recommend.

Linen shirt for men

An ideal solution for hot days is a white short-sleeved men’s shirt, for example, article 12716137. The highlight of this clothing model is the original batten-down collar. It is dense, keeps its shape perfectly and is attached to the buttons in the shirt. It is sewn from thin but durable linen material, which is known for its valuable properties:

— exceptional hypoallergenicity — it does not cause allergies and skin irritation;

— environmental friendliness and naturalness — linen shirts are 100% natural. Synthetic impurities are not used in production;

— hygroscopicity — a linen shirt absorbs moisture and dries very quickly;

— antiseptic — it is believed that linen fabric can partially neutralize unpleasant body odors, such as sweat.

Fashionable blue men’s shirt article 12716139 is suitable for the office and everyday life. It is also sewn from natural linen material and will be comfortable outdoors and indoors.

Even in summer it can be a cool day. Therefore, it is worth buying a men’s long-sleeved shirt with article 80223912 in advance. It is no less stylish and comfortable than previous clothing models.

The pink shirt for men, article 11764454, is a great option for a bright look. She looks great with beige or black chinos, as well as gray ones. It will be more casual if you complement the shirt with classic jeans.

A gray linen shirt with a stand-up collar article 75861593 and buttons in a contrasting color will also be an original solution for the office and everyday life. This model of clothing is also presented in light blue color article 11584894.

Cotton shirt for men

A summer cotton shirt for men is one of the most sought-after clothing options for hot weather. Among the most popular buyers recommend the following articles:

— bright cotton checkered shirt for men, article 75881714;

— light cotton shirt for men for the beach article 75892244;

— men’s shirts with short sleeves articles 75892245 and 8317203;

— summer shirts in a large cage 78139857, 78139858, 11764449 and 75880284;

— inexpensive men’s classic style shirts 75888150, 8317204 and 75888149.

Each model of clothing from the review is ideal for work, important events and everyday life. The Westrenger men’s shirt store https://www.wildberries.ru/brands/westrenger/rubashki offers only fashionable, comfortable and practical options for every day. Choose, try on and enjoy pleasant shopping!


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