Hi all!

We are Vadim and Elvira Majidovs, a young family that founded the sportswear brand ZUMAND in 2021

And this is our fourth «child» in the family.

For us, it is more than clothes, more than a way to earn money. This is the legacy of our children. We impregnate every item in the brand with parental love, because this is the only way to create a useful product that improves people’s lives for many years to come. And now we are talking about ZUMAND buyers.

We have been working in the sportswear industry since 2019. And at first they resold well-known brands, carefully studying the compositions, styles, models and assortment.

A two-year analysis has now allowed us to create a line of clothing with quality advantages:

  1. We use Turkish textiles. According to reviews, he is the most pleasant and gentle to the body.
  2. Production is located in Russia. It was important for us to create a domestic brand. This is convenient for quality control and helps the development of Russian entrepreneurship.

  3. When creating collections, we focus on fashion trends in colors. Base — pastel base shades. Bright colors will also appear soon, they are on trend.

  4. Convenience is the second brand value after quality. Whether you are relaxing or playing sports, the task of clothing is to help you create comfortable conditions.

  5. Versatility is the third brand value. The collection of the brand is suitable for both men and women. For recreation or sports.

  6. Strength is the fourth value. ZUMAND — means «strong».

Sport is power. Family is strength. Heritage, children, development, quality and even recreation are our strengths. It helps to develop, move forward, be useful, create an important product.

We will be glad if you continue to follow the development of the ZUMAND brand on Wildberries.

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