How to surprise a loved one — this question is relevant at any stage of the relationship. Each of the couple in love wants to organize a pleasant pastime or a surprise, but no idea? Thanks to the game, you will find dating ideas for the whole year that will help you get to know each other better.

The representatives of the stronger sex also like it when women try to please them. But how? What will bring joy to the dear? When a girl wants to do something nice for her man, most often she makes one terrible mistake — she makes a surprise that would please her, and not the man. That is why it is so important to understand what your man really wants. This will help you game «Romantic adventure», which will allow you to discharge after long working days, have fun from the heart and spend time with your lover.

RULES OF THE GAME: The participants in the game are a man and a woman, 24 cards are 24 dates, just take one card and complete the task — from the male (performed by a man), from the female (performed by a woman). Each card is a task for organizing a romantic date, on the back of which there are tips on how to do it better, what to pay attention to. All cards are different and do not repeat. It is strictly forbidden to look at each other’s cards! All dates should be a surprise and a complete surprise. We sincerely want you to enjoy every date and each other 100%. It is not necessary to follow the prompts, improvise and do what you think is best. The cards are designed so that they can be completed in any city and at no significant cost.

The game is a unique opportunity to reset your relationship, after years to plunge into the «candy-bouquet period» again, to fall in love with each other again even more strongly. Paying attention to each other, taking care of each other’s needs — this is what will help you maintain awe and tenderness in a relationship for many years.

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