How to start your own profitable online business? Modern technologies of online sales in 2022


Do you want to start selling online? Great, you are on the right track!

Hello everyone, my name is Kamil Kalimullin, I am the author of the book «Come on, sell» and the founder of the platform for creating online stores AdvantShop. I’ve been helping entrepreneurs sell online for over 20 years. In this article, I will share my knowledge of modern online sales technologies in 2022. Namely: about traffic and funnels. Do not be afraid of these terms, after reading the article, you will see for yourself that everything is easier than it seems.

What is traffic and where to get it?

In recent years, more and more people are buying online. And it’s not just that. Buying online is much more convenient than wasting time on the road to the mall and standing in lines. To make an online purchase, the user needs to enter a request for the desired product in a search engine, go to the site, place an order, pay and wait for the delivery of the order. All this will take only a few minutes (if the buyer already knows what he wants to buy).

For consumers, the benefit is clear. What should entrepreneurs do to start selling online?

To understand this topic, let’s define what traffic is. Imagine: a person walks past a grocery store on his way home and stops by for bread. He selects the product he needs on the shelf and goes to the cash register to pay. All customers who come to the store are traffic. It doesn’t matter if these people bought something or not, they are still traffic.

But just understanding what traffic is is not enough. From my own experience, I learned that in order to sell on the Internet, you need to know well where to find it.

In 2000, I started my first business. It was the sale of UAZs through the site Two weeks after the launch, the first application for the car came. Then clients came to us from search engines, and we received orders. But soon the search engines changed their algorithms, disappeared from the search results. Clients stopped visiting us because they simply did not see the site in the search. We were not engaged in attracting traffic, and all this led to the freezing of the project.

Suppose you, as an experienced entrepreneur, have already figured out the sources from where you will attract traffic. Now let’s think about your next steps with the client. Let’s say a customer comes to a store, but there is no promised discount, there is a queue at the checkout, and even the salespeople are rude. Will a person make a purchase here? For the most part, of course not. You might say that this is too obvious an example. But it will help you understand the new term — the sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

The sales funnel is the customer’s journey from the moment they become interested in a product to the moment they purchase it. In the example, there was traffic and it was enough to make a profit. But the purchase was not made, because certain obstacles interfered (rude sellers, queues), and there was no “red carpet” along which the client would pass without problems and be satisfied.

The same is true on the Internet. I think you have noticed advertisements like: «Phone with cashback up to 30%» or «Fitness bracelets at great prices.» When you go to the page, you get to the offer of a product / service or useful content. And in the future, you make a decision: buy a product / leave contacts, or leave the page. The whole customer journey looks like this: click on the link → view the page → add a contact method → ​​purchase → upsell. This path is the funnel.

For more than 10 years I have been involved in many projects and bit by bit collected knowledge about clients. Very soon I realized that traffic, combined with a properly built funnel, is the key to successful sales.

To build online sales, you need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • Who is your ideal client and where to find them?

  • How to build a working sales funnel on the Internet?

  • How to work with the customer base and thereby increase profits?

In the book «Let’s sell. 25 secrets of how to sell goods on the Internet ”, I reveal this topic in detail and answer all these questions. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you get practical skills in working on the Internet, as each topic is accompanied by a creative task. After reading, you will learn everything about traffic, sales funnels and you will be able to open your own profitable business on the Internet.


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