When the house is in order, each thing has its place, you don’t have to look for anything for a long time, and only pleasant decor items are visible. Order should be maintained as if by itself, and each thing should be convenient to use. We will tell you where organizers can come in handy for this.

In the kitchen

Here is the real kingdom of trifles! Therefore, even in the simplest kitchen without devices for storing kitchen utensils, dishes and appliances, there would be complete chaos. The cutlery organizer helps to compactly store spoons, forks and knives, and make their use as convenient as possible, and sharpen knives even less often. The Joseph Joseph brand makes practical organizers, slide them out or offer to store appliances at an angle for even more compactness.

A dish dryer is also an organizer. It can be arranged for drying and temporary storage of plates and cups for everyday serving, each item will have free access. The dryer itself can be foldable, which is especially valuable for a small kitchen.

The sink is a place of accumulation of a large number of necessary items: washcloths and brushes for washing dishes. If you store them in specially designed organizers, then they will not only not get confused under your hands, but also dry quickly without acquiring unpleasant odors.

Containers in the kitchen not only save space, but also create new storage spaces inside cabinets. A special hanging drawer can be easily installed under any kitchen shelf to store bulk products, small bags and tubes. Lid holders are attached to the inside of the cabinet door so that pot and pan lids from 16 to 24 cm in diameter are stored in a space that often goes unused even in the most elaborate kitchen.

In the bathroom

There are also a lot of small things and even less free space. It is wise to place an organizer for toothbrushes and everyday toilet items on the sink in order to free up surfaces as much as possible. A storage unit for shampoos, shower products and washcloths can be hung above the bathtub. Usually they are quite roomy and replace the whole locker, all the bottles in them are in plain sight. It is better to pour all liquids into the same dispenser jars, it will look neat and stylish.

And the shower organizer from Umbra combines the function of a dispenser: containers can be placed upside down and used to the last drop.

In the hall

Crossing the threshold of the house, we always have the keys in our hands. To free my thoughts for other important things, I want to attach these little things somewhere. How to do this, so as not to punish yourself for absent-mindedness and not waste time searching? Get yourself a housekeeper with a place for correspondence. Then you can sort through the mail when you find time for it, and find the keys when you leave the house, even with your eyes closed.

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