How to increase your man’s income

Today we will talk about how to make money not with your delicate hands, but with the strong, courageous and brutal hands of our beloved men.

The most common complaint against a man: you are not successful and rich enough. Do you agree with this?

And we can be very much like a saw in our discontent, daily reminding us of the unsatisfactory state of affairs. And even if the finances are in order, you always want something more.

Or we can simply harbor dissatisfaction and quietly take offense at fate, frankly jealous of the wives and girlfriends of wealthy men: “After all, I also want a fur coat and jewelry, and in general I want not to deny myself anything, and just be a girl. I do not want to limit myself and sigh sadly, passing by a window with an expensive dress or a handbag of my dreams. And I want to work just for fun, and not because without my financial contribution, our overall budget will suffer greatly.”

Many trainings and teachings that are now popular say that the well-being of our man depends on us.

And really — can we influence it?

We cannot go and work for him or find a higher paying job, or new clients, business partners, or an interesting project.

But it seems like we can inspire our man for various financial victories and accomplishments.

There is also a completely opposite opinion that it is impossible to “blind a man from what was”, as in a famous song. He either knows how to make money or he doesn’t.

Personally, I think the truth, as always, is somewhere in between. And we can hardly inspire someone if the person himself does not want it. But it is certainly possible to improve the situation.

Let’s move on from philosophy to specific cases and think together how we can help our man become more successful.

Well, for starters, you need to stop being dissatisfied. This definitely won’t help. We choose who we are with. And if the person we have chosen does not meet our expectations, then either change our expectations, or … And then you can try several tactics.

open game

Finance is a very important issue and a frank conversation cannot be avoided here. Tell us about what you want and what level of income would be comfortable for you. Find out what your partner wants. Despite the seeming simplicity of the recommendation, many couples did not discuss this issue at all or discussed it for a very long time. But how to understand that we were lost if we didn’t know where we were going? Be sure to discuss financial goals and, at least in the first approximation, possible ways to achieve them. And very important:

Men love to be in charge

And in the conversation it is worth clearly identifying this. If you want to earn money with the hands of your man, and not with your own labor from dawn to dusk, from the fence to lunch, and so on, then you need to say this unequivocally and without any hints. The main earner here is he, the main responsibility is on German And, in fact, in this way you will kill several birds with one stone: you will make life easier for yourself, and help him feel like he was created by millions of years of continuous evolution. Namely … a real man.

And hidden tactics in the best traditions of «guerrilla marketing»

Women’s cunning to help us and some important knowledge about the strong half of humanity:

Men love to be asked

And we underestimate this small but effective button of influence on them. Men love to hear one magic word. This word is called: “I want.” For some reason, we are often afraid and embarrassed to simply say “I want this”, “I want that”, “I want”. We think about why ask if there are no opportunities now anyway. And we are very much mistaken. They have a natural desire to satisfy our needs and they “want” everything they “want” and write it down in some kind of their mandatory list. And even if he cannot do it for you now, believe me, after a while you will see the fruits of your requests. Women’s «I want» is the best motivator for them to raise funds to feel like a man «I can.» But, as in everything Otherwise, the main thing is not to overdo it. And of course, do not turn «I want» into «I demand.»

Men love to see us satisfied and happy.

But he may not always know what makes you like this. He may not correlate your new manicure, new dress, or relaxing massage session with your charming smile and sincere desire to fulfill everything that he was even somehow embarrassed to ask for. So help him trace this clear relationship. Men are fast learners. And believe me: with the right «teacher» and «training program», he will be very motivated to do «even more, even better and even faster.»

Men love to be praised

Learn to see what he can be praised for. No need to invent and compose non-existent occasions. Your admiration must be sincere. And your man, in any case, has something that is worthy of praise. And do not forget to make a special emphasis when it comes to the money he has earned and, in general, any actions towards financial growth. The result will not keep you waiting.

Men love when people believe in them.

Don’t forget to tell him about it. And show in action, of course. Men by nature are very grateful creatures. And they can really «move mountains» if you believe they can move them.

Working with MAC

And in order to better understand your relationship with money and attract money into your life, the MAK.arcanes publishing house has excellent metaphorical associative cards — “Settings: money”. Author: Irina Fedorova

Technique «Attitude to money»

The technique will help you understand the deeper aspects of a person’s relationship with money, as well as give advice on attracting financial well-being.

1. From any universal deck (for example, “Allegories”; the “Business deck” is well suited for working with entrepreneurs and businessmen), pull out cards that answer the questions: “What is happening in the financial sector now?” “My attitude to money? «What am I not aware of in dealing with money?»

2. Draw 2-3 additional cards to the second and third positions from the “Settings: money” deck. * Positive and negative settings must be mixed so that the client can see not only his negative attitude to the situation, but also positive.

3. After all the cards have been carefully studied, draw one or more cards face down (optional) from any universal or resource deck (for example, “Fulcrum”), answering the question: “What will help attract money into my life? »

4. For each negative setting that has fallen out in the scenario, you need to pick it up in an open positive one from the “Settings: money” deck. Author: Irina Fedorova

Technique «Me and money»

The technique will help to identify mistakes, obstacles and wrong attitudes in relation to money, and will also help you find internal resources to attract money into your life.

1. From any universal deck (the “Business deck” is good for working with entrepreneurs and businessmen), draw 2-3 cards for each of the positions into a closed deck: “What prevents the flow of money into my life?” “What helps the flow of money into my life?»

2. Draw 2-3 cards from the “Settings: money” deck into the closed one for each of the above positions. To identify obstacles, we take cards with negative attitudes, for help — with positive ones. Discuss cards with attitudes in detail. Is there such an attitude in the client’s life? In what situations is it updated? When did it come about? Where has the client heard or read something like this?

3. Next, from any universal or resource deck, draw 2-3 advice cards into the closed one: “How to treat money correctly?”

Cards carefully study, discuss and draw conclusions.

4. For each negative setting that has fallen out in the scenario, you need to pick up a positive one from the “Settings: money” deck.

Characteristics of the cards

Attitudes: Money is an auxiliary deck that will help you work with metaphorical associative cards to explore relationships with money.

The deck consists of 105 cards with positive and negative attitudes towards money. The cards can be used mixed (positive and negative together), or you can divide them into two parts and use them separately.

Attitude cards are used in conjunction with any other deck of metaphorical associative cards that contains images.

The picture along with the text helps to involve both hemispheres of the brain in the work, which contributes to a more complete understanding of ongoing events and experiences.

Cards with negative attitudes will help to understand the reasons for the lack or lack of money, and with positive attitudes, they contribute to a change in the way of thinking, and after that the material condition of a person. The cards can be used both under the guidance of a psychologist and independently, in a group or during individual lessons .

© Anna Lutsenko, specially for MAK.arcanes Publishing House

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